Microsoft Sharepoint Consulting & Development Services

Verz Design, a leading Microsoft SharePoint development company in Singapore, provides dedicated teams of SharePoint Architects, Technical Consultants, and Developers. Our experts are highly skilled in SharePoint technology, offering consultation, custom development, integration, migration, and support across various industries.

We deliver customised, robust solutions aligned with the latest trends and your business requirements. With 15 years of experience, Verz Design is your ideal partner for streamlining processes with SharePoint intranet consulting.

Microsoft sharePoint consulting service providers in Singapore - Verz Design

Enhance Business Operations
with Microsoft SharePoint

Get the support of a SharePoint service provider so you don’t miss any feature or functionality in implementation.

  • Content Management


    • Build internal websites
    • Manage blogs, images and videos
    • Track changes

    Revolutionise your workflows with SharePoint. From constructing internal websites to facilitating seamless collaboration, SharePoint offers a comprehensive solution tailored to your organisational needs. With centralised storage, managing diverse content types like blogs, images, and videos has never been easier. Plus, robust version control capabilities ensure data integrity and smooth collaboration on shared files.

  • Search and discovery

    and Discovery

    • Quickly locate information
    • Customisable search center
    • Search filters and metadata tagging

    Navigate through mountains of data with ease and get straight to the information that matters most. With advanced search filters and metadata tagging, find documents, content and sites at a click. For a more tailored experience, customise your search centers with branding, layout and scope specifications.

  • Document management


    • Store and share files
    • Categorise documents with tags
    • Manage permissions

    No more searching through cluttered folders or worrying about security breaches. SharePoint ensures that your information is stored securely and accessible only to authorised users. Collaborate in real-time, boost productivity, and never lose a document.

  • Business intelligence


    • Gather, analyse and visualise data
    • Integration with Power BI
    • Make data-driven decisions.

    Decision-making just got smarter. With advanced data analysis tools and seamless integration with Power BI and PerformancePoint Services, collect data from various sources, perform advanced analytics and present findings through interactive visualisations and reports. With all that data at your fingertips, it’s easier to stay competitive.

  • Employee collaboration


    • Discussion forums
    • Calendar and scheduling
    • Mobile access

    Teamwork makes the dream work. That’s why SharePoint’s seamless collaboration tools just make sense. Build discussion forums to exchange ideas and seek feedback effortlessly. With mobile access, your team can stay connected and productive wherever they are. Never miss a deadline with calendar and scheduling functions to coordinate meetings and events.

  • Unique Security and Custom Permission Management

    Unique Security and Custom
    Permission Management

    • Role-based access
    • Inheritance and breakdown
    • Conditional Access Policies

    No risk is worth taking. Define clear access rules with specific permissions tailored to the needs of different user groups. SharePoint supports inheritance, where permissions assigned at library-level automatically apply to individual documents. Administrators can even break inheritance and assign unique permissions to individual items when needed. With integration with Azure Active Directory, conditional access policies leave no room for compromise.

SharePoint migration services

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Development Solution

SharePoint’s capabilities are extensive. But how can you make the most of it and make sure your team understands how it works? That’s where we come in. Verz Design is a SharePoint development agency that keeps your system effective, secure and intuitive to use for your organisation.

SharePoint development solution

Empower Your Team with
Microsoft SharePoint Consultants

Transform your business from the inside-out with our full-suite services.

  • SharePoint consulting

    SharePoint Consulting

    We are with you at every stage of planning, implementing, and optimising a SharePoint solution to ensure its effectiveness and smooth adoption with your team. We evaluate your existing infrastructure and understand your business goals to recommend features to boost productivity.

  • Workflow & business process design

    Workflow & Business
    Process Design

    Enjoy designs that don’t need usage instructions. Our approach to designing and road mapping services is user-centric, prioritising user experience (UX). Drive higher levels of engagement with an intuitive, user-friendly, and tailored interface.

  • Custom development

    Customisation / Custom

    Every organisation is unique and your platform should be too. Based on the needs assessment, we can design and modify SharePoint solutions that align with your organisation’s strategic objectives, ensuring scalability, security, and usability.

  • Systems Integration

    Systems Integration

    In order to streamline business processes, improve data visibility, eliminate data silos and enhance collaboration, our developers team can help you to connect SharePoint with your existing CRM systems, ERP solutions, and other Microsoft products.

  • Migration services

    Migration Services

    Move to a better system without losing precious data or time. Our SharePoint migration services help to transfer content, data, configurations, and applications from legacy systems or older versions of SharePoint to newer versions or the cloud. These services ensure a smooth transition while minimising downtime, preserving data integrity, and optimising performance.

  • Maintenance & Support

    Maintenance & Support

    Expect ongoing SharePoint maintenance and support to ensure the smooth functioning, security, and optimisation of the intranet platform. This includes regular updates and patches to keep the system secure and up-to-date, troubleshooting technical issues, monitoring performance, providing user support and training, and implementing enhancements or customisations as needed. Keep your SharePoint intranet operating efficiently, effectively, and securely to maximise value to your organisation over time.

Revolutionise your Workspace with
Verz Design and SharePoint

As a SharePoint consulting firm, we have helped various enterprises enhance digital collaboration with a robust intranet system.

LHN Group Staff Portal
LHN Group logo

What we did:

  • Sharepoint Intranet Web Design
  • User Flow Mapping & Consultation
  • Sharepoint Programming
  • Default Widget Customization

Description of the Project

LHN Limited is a real estate management services group that provides integrated real estate management offerings and services across ASEAN and China. This intranet is designed to give all employees of LHN Limited and its subsidiaries information about the Company and access to regularly used application, policies and procedures.

Singtel logo

What we did:

  • Web Design
  • Responsive HTML
  • Sharepoint Programming
  • Micro-site Launch

Description of the Project

Singtel is dedicated to harnessing cutting-edge technology to empower individuals and businesses alike, fostering a more sustainable future for all. As a premier communications and digital services provider, we strive to lead the industry in connecting people and businesses seamlessly, driving innovation and progress in the digital age.

Our Valuable Clients

Verz Design acknowledges that we would not be where we are today if not for the trust and cooperation of our valuable clients. These are some of our clients who have worked with us to develop their eCommerce websites.