10 Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Your Online Sales [Part 2]

By: Clement Español


22 Jul 2021

The year is not finished yet, and neither is our talk on digital marketing tips. We have yet to discuss more ways to improve your online sales. The first five ideas have been laid out in the prior article and here are five more that you can incorporate into your existing digital marketing campaigns. Learn how Google, artificial intelligence, and pay-per-click ads, among others, can increase your online sales.

1. Use Google My Business

Digital Marketing tips - Use Google My Business page to Increase your online sales

Google My Business (GMB) is a tool by Google that lets organizations or businesses monitor their presence on Google Search, Maps, and other services by the tech giant. With GMB, brick-and-mortar businesses can thrive online by creating a business listing with Google. 

The tool also lets you provide relevant and accurate details to your customers such as your business address, operating hours, ongoing offers, and more. This lets you increase traffic, sales, and trust in your business.

When someone searches for your company, GMB displays the listing on the right side of the first page on Google. It also lets you monitor and edit the information that online users get whenever they search for your business. Without GMB, people would have to keep googling, look at social media sites, or look for reviews on other sites.

In short, GMB offers quick and easy access to information without users having to access your website. This convenience and information access is worth investing in.

2. Create Videos or GIFs 

Digital Marketing tips - Create Videos or GIFs to Increase your online sales

Engaging content still reigns as an effective means of attracting customers and increase online sales. Pictures and graphics are eye-catching, but you can also use GIFs and videos to engage with your audience. These mediums can showcase product demonstrations, customer testimonials, and more. 

They are also compatible with social platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. To give you an idea of how widely consumed videos are this year, according to Digital 2021 Global Report by We Are Social, at least 90% of global internet users watch online videos each month. Also, 51% watched vlogs, while 44% listened to or watched podcasts.

Graphical Interchange Format or GIFs are like videos that show people and objects in motion, albeit without sound. You can use GIFs to show information that cannot fit in an image but is too brief for video clip usage. 

The attention-grabbing nature of videos and GIFs makes them valuable tools. When making GIFs or videos, make them fun, authentic and creative so that they’re worth sharing. More shareable content helps lead to more word of mouth, which yields more brand recognition for your business.

3. Share Instagram Stories 

Digital Marketing tips - Share Instagram stories to Increase your online sales

Ever since Instagram rolled out Stories for its users, more and more have learned to love the feature. Instagram Stories allows people to use text, GIFs, music, camera effects, and more to beautify and share videos or images. Because of its compatibility with different types of files, you can play around with Stories to creatively announce promotions or feature customers satisfied with your products.

The feature also lets you post Q&As or polls that followers can answer. You can also introduce filters reflecting your brand that followers can use for their selfies or posts. With the variety of ideas offered by Stories, your business gets even more ways to connect with the target audience in creative and authentic ways.

4. Implement Chatbots 

Digital Marketing tips - Implement chatbots to Increase your online sales

Artificial intelligence has paved the way for chatbots to act as shopping assistants for online users. When online users visit your online store, a chatbot serves as a customer service counter or as a web directory. You can equip chatbots with scripts that address frequently asked questions from customers to resolve questions more efficiently. 

Chatbots can stay up 24/7, making them helpful assistants to customers regardless of timezone.

These shopping assistants can also capture data and yield insights about customer behaviour. Your business can use this data to optimise future marketing campaigns, helping increase online sales.

5. Invest in Pay-Per-Click Ads 

Digital Marketing tips - Invest in Pay-per-click Ads to Increase your online sales

Pay-Per-Click or PPC ads continue to serve as a reliable means of digital marketing. This advertising model helps drive traffic or visitors to your website through the strategic placement of ads. Every time an online user clicks an ad, the advertiser or you have to pay the publisher. Search engines or social networks can be publishers that showcase your ads on their platforms.

Google Ads is a popular example of PPC advertising, since it can show your ads to online users once they search keywords related to your business. Given how large traction Google brings to websites, it’s no question that investing in PPC ads can help boost your sales. Just watch out for click fraud and your ads should be fine.

Amplify your Sales with Digital Marketing 

Innovations in technology have enabled entrepreneurs to scale their businesses by going online and penetrating the digital landscape through digital marketing. GMB listings, Instagram Stories, chatbots, and PPC ads are just some of the innovations you can use to drive online sales. The sooner you take advantage of these, the better you can stay ahead of your competition.

At Verz Design, we have marketing experts available to help you integrate these creative ideas into your marketing plan. Our more than a decade’s worth of experience attests to our reliability and customer satisfaction. Call us at 6841 1680 or email us at [email protected] for a free consultation today!

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