10 Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Your Online Sales [Part 1]

By: Clement Español


06 Jul 2021

10 digital marketing tips to increase your online sales - Verz Design

We’ve reached the middle of 2021, and it might be time for you to look back at your performance so far. How is your business doing in terms of reaching your target customers? This question matters as it can help you increase your online sales.  If your marketing campaigns have been doing well, that’s good news. If not, here are several ideas to consider for your marketing campaigns this 2021.

1. Create Personable Content 

Increase online sales through creating personable content

Personable content takes effort but is worth doing. It is like showing your brand’s authentic self to prospective clients so that they would know your people and corporate values. By creating personable content, you get to ‘humanise’ your brand. 

Such content allows your target audience to put their trust in a company who knows their pain points really well. Personable content can be used for both your website and social media. Tailor the content based on the platform so that your target audience can find it creative and engaging. 

For example, your website can have a dedicated ‘Our Team’ page, which shows images and information about your team members. On social media, you can share images or videos of team-building activities. 

Staff members can share more about themselves through Q&A content on Instagram Stories. Creating relatable content helps consumers create a connection with you and stay loyal to your brand.

2. Curate Long-Form Content 

Increase online sales through curate long-form content

Long-form content gives you the opportunity to share comprehensive information with readers. This kind of content can range from blog articles to case studies and help position your brand as knowledgeable and experienced. 

Creating long-form content means onboarding a writer with the relevant experience and skills related to your brand’s industry. This way, you can rely on them to utilize trending industry topics and the right tone of voice in creating engaging long-form content.

You will also need the help of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist who can help publish the content on your blog or website. This SEO specialist can ensure that the long-form content is spotted by Google and becomes suggested in search engine queries made by your target clients. Carefully crafted long-form content can help increase your online sales.

3. Leverage on User-Generated Content (UGC) 

Leverage on user-generated content (UGC)

User-generated content refers to text, video, images, or other mediums made by consumers or average online users. These can include user selfies, video reviews, or text posts showcasing your product.

UGC helps build likeability and trust for your brand because they are genuine and authentic content created by end-users. The more positive user-generated content your brand gets tagged in on social media, the better. Additionally, posting UGC allows for tagged users to share amongst their peers, earning you better brand recognition.

You can feature such UGC on your own website or social media accounts to help convert your visitors into customers with permission.

4. Formulate an Omni-Channel Strategy 

Increase online sales through formulating an omni-channel strategy

Omni-channel strategy refers to utilizing more than one channel to connect with and bring consumers a more immersive shopping experience than older strategies. This would entail going beyond offline channels such as physical stores to utilizing online channels such as websites, social media, email marketing, and more. This helps you retain loyalty and gain new customers.

With today’s smart and portable devices, omni-channel strategies can enable a shopper to browse products via a mobile app, paying for them via online payment, going to the nearest physical store to pick it up, and receiving emails that recommend other products based on what they just bought. You can see how this enhances the shopping experience of your customers while streamlining your marketing strategies.

5. Invest in Ecommerce Integration

Invest in eCommerce integration

For those who have existing Shopify or similar stores, you can now let shoppers purchase items based on what you post on major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Through  “shoppable posts”, an online seller can upload a photo of a product on the social media platform, then include a link to the product page on the seller’s online store. Once someone taps the image of a product they like, they would then be directed to the store for purchase.

eCommerce integration is a crucial marketing strategy for your online store because it’s a shopping feature that offers convenience with a seamless checkout. You can say that it’s a shortcut that helps increase your online sales.

Scale Your Business with Digital Marketing 

As the world slowly gets back on its feet this year, opportunities are ripe for the taking. Anticipate trends and demands in your industry with these marketing ideas we discussed. Use personable, long-form, and user-generated content that you can tailor to your brand values. Formulate an omnichannel strategy and invest in eCommerce integration. Let a digital marketing agency teach you how!

At Verz Design, we have marketing specialists that can help you integrate these ideas into your marketing plan. Our more than a decade’s worth of experience attests to our reliability and customer satisfaction. Call us at 6841 1680 or email us at [email protected] for a free consultation today!

Stay tuned as we give you the next five digital marketing tips for your business.

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