Verz Design and Advocado Accelerates SMEs Digitalisation Across SEA During and Beyond COVID-19

By: Zhi Yan Teo

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23 Jun 2021

Verz Design and Advocado Accelerates SMEs Digitalisation Across SEA During and Beyond COVID-19

How To Ensure That Your Digital Business Is Capable Of Thriving During These Trying Times?

Facing fewer dine-ins and reduced footfall during these trying times? You are probably feeling the pressure to digitalise your business, given that the COVID-19 Pandemic severely affects brick-and-mortar business models. However, SMEs Digitalisation can be difficult and tedious, with the SME Digital Transformation Survey revealing that only 2 out of 5 digital transformations are successful. 

With digital advancements accelerating, placing your business in the digital space is more important than ever. Thus, Advocado and Verz Design are collaborating to work together and offer you three solutions in one package, at only a fraction of the market cost.

  1. Build a sturdy E-Commerce foundation
  2. Implement proven digital marketing strategies
  3. Reward customers with a fuss-free CRM on your E-Commerce platform of choice

Verz Design’s E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Services + Advocado’s Cloud CRM = A Winning Trio

Verz Design eCommerce, Digital Marketing team with Advocado’s Cloud CRM team members

At Verz Design, we abide by the mantra ‘From Vision to Reality’. We are a web design and development firm that takes pride in cultivating a fair, intelligent, and professionally sound workflow in our website design and development processes. 

Our tried-and-tested methods place our clients and us in optimal positions to achieve success. We offer digital marketing services such as Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) to drive traffic and qualified leads to your website. Our results speak for themselves since Verz Design consistently ranks highly on Google’s Search Engine.

We are partnering with Advocado, the leading Cloud CRM SaaS for retailers in Southeast Asia! Advocado helps B2C businesses in F&B, retail, beauty and wellness to generate more revenue and regulars through growing their customer base. Advocado also helps in bringing loyal customers back repeatedly with marketing automation and AI. Lastly, they integrate seamlessly with E-Commerce platforms, including Shopify, creating campaigns for better customer engagement in a single platform.

Myth: Building a Website for Your Business is More Costly In The Long Run

A common misconception is that it is rather costly for a business to build a website. In addition, businesses are more likely to incur losses due to the likelihood of their websites being ineffective. This is untrue. 

According to the Major Purchase Shopper Study by GE Capital Retail Bank, approximately 81% of people conduct research through the Internet on a business or service before coming to a decision. That is a significant number of potential customers you are missing out on by lacking an E-commerce website. 

Moreover, a website functions as a full-time 24/7 salesman for your business. It can help in attracting and building customers’ desires to purchase your products and services. With Advocado’s AI-Ready CRM system in place, marketing automation consistently re-engages your clients with automated reminders of discounts and offers. You can expect steady growth and an increase in revenue in the long run with minimal downtime.

How Can You Boost Your Business’s Digital Presence?

Productivity Solutions Grants (PSG) have facilitated many businesses in kickstarting their SMEs digitalisation journeys with a massive government subsidy. Verz Design’s E-commerce solution and Advocado’s Cloud CRM are both PSG pre-approved solutions with up to 80% funding support. 

Take action now by adhering to the SMEs digitalisation trend. Having an E-Commerce storefront by Verz Design managed by Advocado’s AI-Ready CRM will definitely grant you a competitive advantage over your peers in the E-Commerce world.

For a limited time, Advocado & Verz Design are collaborating to give you an irresistible deal when you sign up for the winning combination of our PSG solutions. Fill in the form below or email us at [email protected] to schedule a free consultation today!

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