Verz Design

“We can’t help everyone but everyone
can help someone”

Covid-19 has affected everyone. Some more so than others. In an industry that has been fortunate to continue operations during the pandemic, Verz Design is stepping up to play our part to help the less fortunate and those in need. Learn more about our on-going Corporate Social Responsibility efforts to support those most affected.


An ongoing Verz Design CSR initiative, #StepUpYourResume is a direct result of our efforts to give back to the community in this trying time. Using our design skills and expertise, this initiative aims to support local Singaporeans and Permanent Residents in their job search by refreshing and revamping their resume on the house.

Prioritising the recently unemployed, we speak to the job seekers who reach out to us and try to understand more about the jobs they are seeking before we redesign a resume better suited to their industry. We hope by taking action in our very own way, we will inspire others to use their skills to help those in need. If you are a job seeker in need, reach out to us and we will step up your resume too!


Inspired to do more for the community as it recovers from the pandemic, Verz Design has launched the #verz10Kchallenge. Aiming to raise over $10,000 for The Courage Fund, Verz Design has made a Dollar-To-Dollar pledge (maximum amount of $5000) to match the donations you make.

We hope to encourage those who can help, to help by bringing awareness to this campaign. To bring attention to this cause, we have challenged all our employees in Singapore to walk 10 000 steps daily for a consecutive period of 20 days and share their efforts on social media.

Verz will donate $100 to the campaign for every employee that completes the challenge. We are where we are today because of the support that we were given. We are committed to paying it forward by supporting others who may need a helping hand and we hope to inspire you to do the same!

Learn more about our long-term commitments to creating
a greener and more sustainable future for the environment as well as shaping a thriving community through entrepreneurship here.