30 Sans Serif Fonts to Give Your Logo Designs a Unique and Modern Touch

By: Nicole Serrano


23 Mar 2018


We’ve said this already and we’ll say it again – logo is the face of your business. On contrary to what others say, it doesn’t solely represent you, but it plays a huge role in how customers perceive you as a brand; it gives them a first impression.

While it’s already stating the obvious to have a good design. logos need to be memorable too by making an impact. How do we do this? Through ample research and creative juices, you can incorporate branding into design. Needless to say, a fine-tuned logo design is a big bonus to web page design too. 

This article is a compilation of unique sans serif fonts that can be used in logo designs. Sans Serif are fonts without tails at the end of each glyph. While serif fonts are seen as more traditional, sans serif is modern and fitting for today’s culture.

Even subtle edits in fonts can make a huge impact in branding, and unique typefaces, that if optimized well, can also do the same. If designed right, logos such as these samples can withstand the test of time.


1. Font: 7 Days

7 Days’ style can be identified as high-tech and modern, ideal for brands in the technology industry. As seen in the image, the letters ‘N’ in ‘CONNEK’ are linked to each other, to create a subtle hint of branding that correlates with the word itself.


2. Font: Brandon Grotesque

Designed by Hannes von Döhren, Brandon Grotesque is a typeface that seems to be heavily-influenced with geometric forms. With its clean-cut style, this is recommended for corporate brands. Minimal modifications can be made such as using a chevron (inverted V) icon instead of the letter A.


3. Font: Azedo

Azedo is a personally designed font by Pedro Azedo, where it’s notable features are the horizontal lines that are curved and pushed downwards. Its unique appeal makes it ideal for kid-friendly and creative brands.


4. Font: Axis

Axis is distinguishable for its simple and uniformed design, ideal for magazines and even sports brands. It is said to have been inspired by the geometry of urban environment. The stem that holds the ‘R’ was removed, with a diagonal white space left, making it more unique and patterned with the letter ‘F’.


5. Font: Aqua Grotesque

Aqua is a 1940’s inspired crisp-looking font designed by Laura Pol. One of its most significant features are the wider spaces in between the letters. It has an exclusive and dapper charm that is standard in some fashion and lifestyle brands.


6. Font: Modeka

Modeka is a modern geometric-style font with distinct thin stems and edges, giving it a clean and futuristic vibe. This font is complementary for technology brands with a minimalist branding.


7. Font: Shkoder 1989

Shkoder 1989 is said to have been influenced by the technology and sports culture in the 90’s era. A sample of a fun way to customise this is with the letter ‘X’ modified to subtly resemble the double helix.


8. Font: Grafika Type.1 Regular

Grafika Type.1 Regular is a minimalist and versatile sans serif font that is suitable for different types of industries. Because of its simplicity, even minimal modifications can make the branding more creative.


9. Font: Reckoner

Designed by Alex Dale, Reckoner is a unique typeface that drew inspiration from existing industrial type of fonts. Glyphs are tall and give off an edgy vibe, that makes the typeface suitable for masculine brands. There are special lowercase characters that can be strategically used to make the logo more interesting, such as the letter ‘R’ in Taurus.


10. Font: Quantify – Bold

Quantify Bold is an interesting type of font where its key features are the diagonal white space cuts that can be found in the bottom part of each glyph with closed counters. This font seems to be ideal for companies in the IT solutions industry.


11. Font: Quicksand

Quicksand is a unique type of font inspired by the 1920s and 30s sans serif typefaces. It has a playful yet elegant feel to it that goes well with playful and imaginative brands.


12. Font: Minimalust

Minimalust is a hand-drawn inspired font with smooth edges and rounded corners. Its vintage and wanderlust feel to it makes it suitable for travel-related and recreational brands, either for logos or material graphic designs.


13. Font: Dense-Regular

Dense is another geometric-inspired type of font that suits minimalist brands in different industries. Its simplicity makes it flexible to minimal tweaks such as the one done with the letter ‘R’ in Scorpio, fabricating it to resemble the tail of a scorpion.


14. Font: Akrobat

Akrobat is a sans serif font designed by Plamen Motev, iconic for its neo-grotesque attributes and condensed ratio. Its narrow and uniformed proportions make this font fitting for creative yet corporate brands such as those in the real estate industry.


15. Font: Break Fill

Designed by Rajesh Rajput, Break Fill is the filled-up version of Break – the first released font by the designer. It has a very fresh, slick and stylish appeal that would look good in travel and fashion brands.


16. Font: Arkhip Regular

Arkhip is a unique style of font, that is said to have a Russian soul. Its appearance resembles the Russian alphabet, with a futuristic vibe that will surely standout when used in logos, posters, or headlines. The said font has an edgy touch that would look good in sports or water-related brands.


17. Font: Bavro

Bavro, by Marcelo Reis Melo, is a clean-looking and friendly font that looks minimalist, with a creative aesthetic. It has a playful appeal that would best suit fun and quirky brands.


18. Font: Inkferno

Designed by Tio Putra, Inkferno is a semi slab serif font with distinct features on the tip of the strokes on each glyph. With the word ‘Kalyptra’, the letter ‘K’ was edited to have this negative white space in between the two strokes that are about to connect, and ‘Y’ has this mirror effect that parallels with the first letter. Subtle edits like these can strengthen the identity of the brand.


19. Font: Melbourne

Melbourne is a modern type of sans serif font that has a strong and straightforward approach. It looks clean and condensed with sharp edges, making it suitable for office or corporate brands. Its simplicity gives it creative freedom to do minimal tweaks such as the ‘X’ in the word helix, to resemble a double helix.


20. Font: Gasalt

Designed by Remi Lagast, the Gasalt font is said to have been inspired from video games. It seems the font was created using circular shapes and has this smooth yet sharp edges. Based on its origin story, this typeface suits high-tech and web development companies. Minimal edits can be made to make it look fresh and unique.


21. Font: Aquawax

Aquawax is a modern type of sans serif font designed by Francesco Canovaro, with a good balance between its sharp edges and soft angles. Said to have this smooth, liquid connections, Aquawax seems fitting for brands in water-related and technology industry.


22. Font: Aspergit

Aspergit is a sans serif font with a retro feel, balanced by the thinness of each stroke. it can be tweaked to suit different types of beauty and lifestyle brands.


23. Font: Intro Cond

The Intro font has 50 different styles and weight; Intro Cond in light weight has this airy and light consistency that makes for excellent legibility. The glyph ‘K’ is the only letter that has this unique wave in one of its strokes, so it’s best to optimize this for brands with the said letter. It’s best to use this for brands with a minimalist style.


24. Font: Advent

Designed by Andrea Kalpakidis, Advent is a modern and edgy type of font, with a futuristic and elegant feel to it. With its distinct look, this typeface can be used in different beauty and lifestyle brands. Option to play with the uppercase I as number 1 stands there.


25. Font: Seagle

Seagle is a geometric style, retro-inspired typeface with a strong and straightforward approach. It has no closed counters, where there is always a space in between the strokes that are supposed to end. Due to its masculine appeal, this font would look good in heavy-duty manufacturing brands.


26. Font: Rosarina

Rosarino is a sans serif typeface designed by Mariano Diez, with a minimalist and classy touch to it. It has a light consistency to it due to its thin strokes and soft round edges, making it suitable for feminine brands. A few tweaks such as the one made in ‘E’ can make it look edgy and futuristic.


27. Font: Steiner Light

Steiner Light has a sleek and clean-cut look with smooth edges. Due to its circular features and liquid strokes. It has this feminine appeal that would probably look good in brands with women as their target audience.


28. Font: Walkway

Walkway is a quirky and contemporary font with distinct thin strokes that makes for a clean and concise design. Its style seems befitting for clothing brands for both men and women.


29. Font: Dekar

Dekar is a minimal and clean type of font with a modern edge. It has this elegant simplicity that makes it versatile for some creative and corporate brands. One of its most distinct features are the upper strokes in glyphs such as in letter ‘W’.


30. Font: Qanelas Soft DEMO

Qanelas is a modern typeface with geometric touch-ups. It is said to be the friendlier and softer version of the original Qanelas font family. Minimal tweaks can be adjusted to fit both corporate and creative brands.


What font do you think would look good for your brand? Are you planning to have a logo crafted by a professional web design agency anytime soon? Let’s schedule a no-obligation free consultation; coffee’s on us!

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