What Your Favourite Singaporean Dish Says About You!

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06 Aug 2015


What better way to celebrate Singapore’s 50th birthday than to take a long look at one of our national obsessions: food!

We believe that food preference reveals a lot about your personality and tested that theory by asking  co-workers to tell us why they love their favourite local delight.

Find out if your favourite dish makes the list and what it says about you!

oyster omelette

What it is: Starched egg batter fried with an abundance of oysters, giving a strong taste of the sea.

What loving it says about you: Just like the night markets that popularised it, there’s something intriguing and sinful about this fried delight. Those who love it certainly have a naughty side.



What it is: Turnip, pineapple, cucumber, taupok (fried tofu) and dough fritters tossed together in a sweet and spicy shrimp paste sauce.

What loving it says about you: You’re experimental! Only a genius mad scientist would have believed fresh fruit, fritters and pungent seafood paste combine beautifully on the palate.



What it is: Consider it a “stuffed” roti prata; minced meat and spices encased in a thin film of crispy

What loving it says about you: You are always hungry for improvements. Take an already delicious staple of dough, add meat, add a side of curry, add a side of pickled vegetables, and you’ve done the impossible: made an awesome dish better!



What it is: Fluffy rice cooked in aromatics, served alongside tender chicken prepared via steeping in fragrant stock or by roasting.

What loving it says about you: A heartlander through and through! This comforting dish is a mainstay of almost every food centre in the nation.



What it is: Literally translated, its name means “meat bone tea”. There is no actual tea in the recipe, but Bak Kut Teh does deliver an abundance of bone-in pork ribs simmered till tender in a powerful peppery herb broth.

What loving it says about you: You look beyond the surface for quality. Bak Kut Teh is deceptively simple: just pork ribs in a broth, but the broth itself is highly complex and very difficult to balance correctly.



What it is: Rice noodles in a creamy coconut curry. This spicy delight isn’t complete without the pungent addition of sea cockles.

What loving it says about you: You have a taste for the more robust things in life. You prefer your experiences like you prefer your food: rich and spicy!


Did your favourite dish make the list? Stay tuned for part 2 as we explore even more great eats you’ll only find in Singapore!

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