It’s Game On For the Verz10KChallenge

By: Vienna D’Cruz

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19 Nov 2020

It’s Game On For the Verz10KChallenge

A uniquely Verz initiative to combat the negative effects of Covid-19, the Verz10KChallenge has bonded us closer together (in spirit) as both a company and as part of the wider community here in Singapore.

As a web design and development agency, Verz has been fortunate to continue operations during the recent pandemic, albeit online. The new normal has brought with it new habits. Our daily activities have become more sedentary, work from home means being seated for long hours at the computer with minimal movement. The struggle, both physically and mentally, to get some exercise or simply to stretch our legs after work and relieve stress has also become increasingly difficult.

Team Building: Apart But Not Alone

As part of our Team Building effort as a company, we launched Verz10KChallenge as an active lifestyle initiative to encourage Verz employees to start creating some new healthy habits. As a way to recharge, reconnect and renew our mental and physical strength, the Verz10KChallenge was to clock 10 000 steps daily by either walking, running or cycling during the month of October. This meant we had to plan our time wisely by consciously including time to participate in this activity, especially on weekdays. But, soon we all started looking forward to clocking our steps daily because we found it was a great way to relieve stress after a full day’s work.

Fund Raising: Pay it Forward

The Verz10KChallenge was also our way of raising funds for the community. We have become increasingly aware of the struggles many Singaporeans are currently facing due to the negative impact of Covid-19. As a company, we felt it was time we did our part to pay it forward so our aim was to raise $10 000 for The Courage Fund. Verz Design has made a Dollar-To-Dollar pledge to match the donations made by others. While our efforts are currently ongoing, we have creatively used our social media skills in an effort to raise more funds by raising awareness. Check it out here

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Furthermore, Verz Design will donate $100 for each employee who succeeds in completing the Verz10KChallenge by clocking 10K steps for 20 consecutive days. We hope this inspires others who have the means, to contribute as well.

Let’s hear from 6 Verz employees to find out what they took away from their participation in the Verz10KChallenge!

What did you think about the Verz10KChallenge?

1. Liu Jie, Project Manager

Verz10k Steps Challenge result of Liu Jie, Project Manager

No. of Days Completed: 20

I think it’s a good initiative, to give back to society while promoting a healthy lifestyle among employees. It’s difficult to do it on consecutive days. As some days are busier, this requires dedication to do it. I learned to be more consistent and also commitment. 

2. Yenni, UX Designer

Verz10k Steps Challenge result of Yenni, UX Designer

No of Days Completed: 20

I think this challenge helped me to break away from the CB sedentary lifestyle. Walking or running is a mundane activity in itself so I find it difficult to do it for long periods of time. I often do the walking in nature so there is at least a scenic view to curb this boredom. I’ve learnt that having a goal, such as walking to grab supper, helps in achieving the steps. After this challenge, I might adapt the exercise to swimming or climbing instead.

3. Gail, SEO Coordinator

Verz10k Steps Challenge result of Gail, SEO Coordinator

No of Days Completed: 20 Days

It is a very innovative way to get us to move about. There are days that it is already almost midnight and I am going outside to complete a few hundred steps because 10k steps is not easy. You really have to plan it and need a reasonable amount of will power to get it done. But I now run 5k after work and it feels good.

4. Rupash, Operations Manager / Principal Project Manager

Verz10k Steps Challenge result of Rupash, Operations Manager

No. of Days Completed: 20 days

It’s a very good initiative by Verz to help the employees to stay healthy. I did not really find it difficult because I am used to staying fit and active. It needs discipline and determination. You can’t do it without these two things.

5. Ann, Sales Manager

Verz10k Steps Challenge result of Ann, Sales Manager

No. of Days Completed: 15 Days

I think it’s very good. It’s something new and a very good initiative launched by our company. It helps us become better and develop a good, healthy routine. I found it difficult because I cannot run so I had to walk. Walking 10 000 steps takes around almost 1 and a half hours. But I learned to be more consistent in my exercise and I read that the more your exercise the better your memory becomes!

6. Gladys, Project Executive

Verz10k Steps Challenge result of Gladys, Project Executive

No. of Days Completed: 11 Days

The verz 10k challenge was a very nice challenge that encouraged me to get out of the house during this WFH period. It was difficult in the beginning but as the days passed, it got easier as I got used to it and it taught me that building a healthy habit requires consistent effort and discipline in maintaining the routine. After this I hope to start an exercise routine twice a week.

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