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If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. What’s more, you deserve to be hacked.

– Richard Clarke


Boost Your Website’s Security with
Web vSecure from Verz Design

With the proliferation of the Internet, governments, businesses and organisations all around the world fight an unending war against cyber threats, malware and data breaches.

This is a critical battle as many of society’s infrastructures are now built and stored on the Internet. Without cybersecurity, online storefronts would be crippled, and your personal data would no longer be personal.

Having built over 3,000 websites in the past decade, we understand how crucial cybersecurity is. With our experience and web security solution, Verz Design is well equipped to help safeguard your online businesses and assets from malware and other cyber threats.

What is Website Malware?

The word malware comes from a contraction of malicious software. Simply put, website malware is software or code that is written with the intention of damaging your website, stealing your data and re-directing your viewers.

Understanding the Dangers of Cyber Threats, and the Importance of Web Security

While websites are made for a plethora of reasons – to provide information, generate sales via eCommerce or a booking platform – web security remains a constant for every business.

It’s natural to wonder:

“My website only provides information to my customers, and receives little to no traffic, why would hackers be interested in my website?”

While it may seem like your simple website offers little to gain for hackers, it is still important to remain vigilant as your website may be used to host malware and this would affect the traffic for your site.

Potential Dangers of Malware

Devalues your brand and tarnishes your online credibility

Flagged by Google

As Google owns over 92% of the search engine market share worldwide, being flagged as dangerous by Google essentially announces your site’s vulnerability to almost the entire world. This essentially cuts off web traffic from Google users, even if your site is highly ranked on the first page of Google.

On top of that, this will most likely be seen by your target audience and negatively affect the credibility of your brand.

Lose access of your site to cybercriminals

Malware allows third parties to install backdoors onto your site, granting them access to manipulate and alter anything they desire. At times, criminals may even demand a ransom for you to regain access to your site

Whether you’ve engaged a professional agency or spent hundreds of hours yourself to set your website up, it’s undeniable that website creation requires an inordinate amount of effort and resources. Why would you let all that effort go to waste?

Re-direct your visitors to malicious sites

Being redirected to another site is a sure-fire way to lose a potential customer. Not only do you lose the customer’s interest in your site, you completely lose the customer when they do not end up on your website.

To protect you from these unwanted effects, we’ve introduced Web vSecure.

Web vSecure – Your Preferred Web Security Solution to Shield against Malware Attacks


Web vSecure is a security program which includes the scanning of websites, servers and applications for malware and vulnerabilities in order to provide timely detection and prevention of threats. This includes defence against malware threats, zero-day vulnerabilities, DDoS attacks and brute-force attacks.

Key Features of our Web vSecure Web Shield


Protect your website from Malware with a Web Applications Firewall


Boost your website with a blazing-fast Content Delivery Network


Monitor, detect and remove Malware. Also, repair and restore your website in the event of a hack


Cybersecurity technical support for your website

Malware Removal

Ensure your site is malware-free by cleaning any found malware

Malware Detection

Take on a holistic, proactive posture and receive instant alerts in the event of any security incident

Blacklist Recovery

Protect against malicious actors and restore your website in the event of any blacklisting or flagging by Google

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Manage your traffic peaks, shorten distances and enjoy increased upload speeds

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Set your own rule sets and control traffic with a protection layer you can own

Security Information & Event Monitoring (SIEM)

Monitor all events and correlate that data so your website obtains the most updated information

DDoS protection

Mitigate attacks and prevent hackers from exploiting potential vulnerabilities


Get Protected with these 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1

Step 1

Speak to your Verz project manager or sales consultant to sign up for our annual subscription plan

Step 2

Step 2

Provide our technical engineers FTP Access* for them to work their magic

Step 3

Step 3

Your Web vSecure web shield is now installed and you are now protected against threats

*FTP to your website access is the minimal requirement for our tech engineers to install Web vSecure

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a popular misconception that hackers or malware creators only target high traffic and websites of big brands. In fact, it would be harder to target high traffic websites because they would have several robust layers of security in place as they have more to lose.

Once your site gets infected with web-based malware, victims will find their computers falling under the control of hackers, who can remotely utilize your system to carry out various forms of cybercrimes such as stealing bank credentials, spamming and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Also, visitors to your site will associate your website with malware and this hurts both potential customers as well as your brand.

Most hosting companies would perform their due diligence to partially or fully disable your website to protect visitors. For your website to function at its fullest potential, keeping it malware-free needs to be a priority.

The hosting company merely provides the service of offering you server space with commonly used software interfaces for you to operate your website and email. A fair analogy would be to consider them as a landlord that leases a room for you to live in. When your server is at risk of being infected by malware, it is your responsibility to take care of it, much like how you maintain the condition of your room in the flat.

Likewise, the programmer takes charge of coding the website using the latest available software version and known plugins. However, software versions get updated from time to time, and programmers are not able to access the hosting and administration page as the login credentials are kept on the client’s end.

As such, it’s not feasible for a web programmer or web agency to perpetually manage your website especially after the website has been handed over for an extended length of time. To combat this issue, we’ve introduced Web vSecure to protect you from malware.

There’s a good chance that we will be able to support projects not developed by Verz Design. Please contact us with your URL and hosting access for us to check on it.

Web vSecure is an annual subscription and we provide a robust, all-year round Cyber Security system to scan and remove any malware on your website. We top it off with a layer of Web Applications Firewall to your site.

If you’re interested, talk to your friendly Verz representative or Project Manager to find out more!

Prior to the expiry date, our Web Support team will notify you of your potential vulnerability. Simply feel free to let them know that you’re interested in receiving continued protection and they’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Yes, you can cancel the Web vSecure at any point, but we do not provide any pro-rated refund.

Access to your website’s FTP is the minimal requirement for our tech engineers to install Web vSecure. If your website is not under Verz, please contact your webmaster or hosting company to retrieve the FTP access.

Without access to your hosting, you will still be able to monitor malware with Web vSecure. However, you do not get the benefits of malware removal and Web Applications Firewall.

Web vSecure is a Cybersecurity program set out to monitor, remove and prevent malware. SSL certificates secure your sessions from browser to server, which adds another layer of security. Most of the Malware attacks are through various plugins, which SSL certificate does not help to prevent. As such, it’s recommended to have both Web vSecure and SSL as they complement each other.

Web vSecure can be used on any web hosting including Microsoft based servers. As mentioned above, FTP access must be provided if you’d like the benefit of automatic removal of Malware.