Verz Design

On-Page Optimisation Case Study:
Lagun Sari Google Ads Campaign

Businesses have been hit hard by the safety restrictions imposed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the hardest hit is the wedding and events industry. This includes our client Lagun Sari, Singapore’s leading Muslim/Malay wedding service providers with more than two decades of experience in the wedding industry.

In direct response to this, we explored new ways for Lagun Sari to gain more leads without increasing their ad budget. One way to achieve this was to improve their ad performance through On-Page Optimisation.

On-Page Optimisation is an important technique in Search Engine Optimisation. Commonly done to improve both the website’s usability and visibility in search engines, it consists of enhancing the technical and structural elements of the website in addition to the content.

Due to the breadth of technical coverage On-Page Optimisation requires, the help of experts ranging from programmers to copywriters is necessary to ensure it is carried out effectively in order to see significant results. As a full-fledged web agency with specialists in each field, Verz Design was able to professionally optimise Lagun Sari’s website through a variety of methods that include bug fixes, speed checks, and speed optimisation.

The Verz Process

The first step in our process is to identify areas of improvement in the website as this will give us a thorough understanding of how we can optimise it. For Lagun Sari’s website, we first identified that the website’s loading speed was not ideal. Scoring 7 and 38 for mobile and desktop speeds respectively, this is considered a poor website speed score by Google’s standards.

With this knowledge, we tasked our programmers to identify possible reasons for the slow page speed and work on correcting the issues through a variety of methods that include browser caching, reducing large media file sizes and optimizing CSS delivery. All in all, our programmers managed to improve Lagun Sari’s page speed by 100% on mobile and by almost 30% on desktop!


As a result of the improvement in page speed, we also recorded a significant and consistent improvement in Lagun Sari’s SEM campaign performance over a 4-month period. The huge drop in the cost-per-click (CPC) meant that an improved landing page speed allowed our client to pay significantly less for their website visits:

  • 87.06% drop in cost-per-click
  • 727.21 increase in clicks
  • 473.48% increase in impressions

Despite the fact that most wedding and events businesses have been struggling in the midst of a viral outbreak and an economic downturn, we not only managed to maintain Lagun Sari’s ad performance, but also increased the business’s visibility and this has resulted in more leads due to On-Page Optimisation.


The results have clearly illustrated that doing On-Page Optimisation for our client, Lagun Sari, has allowed their website to deliver a focused and engaging user experience that generated more leads, prompted phone calls, increased sign-up rates, and initiated conversation with potential clients.

This is why Verz Design fully believes in doing On-Page Optimisation for our clients at least once every six months. Frequently optimizing the website sends signals to Google that it is user-friendly. It also ensures top-notch usability for website visitors that will in turn encourage conversions and bring more business to clients.