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Fasten Enterprises SEO Case Study

Verz Design’s Fasten Enterprises Case Study focuses on the company as a solutions provider of high-quality, reliable fastening systems across various industries in Southeast Asia. They are known for producing premium self-drilling screws for over 40 years. Fasten Enterprises also maximises absolute quality control to achieve market excellence.
Fasten Enterprises has a website that caters to its vast B2B market. But, the problem with Fasten Enterprise’s efforts on the web is facing little to no online visibility. Their position as a B2B company poses a challenge such as that the organic traffic they get is really very little to begin with as compared to a B2C company which has higher chances to garner more traffic.
To help maintain Fasten’s industry position, Verz Design utilises an exhaustive and effective SEO strategy. Here, we tackle how we attained that goal by boosting its search engine rankings and organic traffic to Fasten’s website.
By increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to Fasten’s website, you will see how our SEO efforts have increased the brand’s exposure online, giving Fasten Enterprise a 200% rise in organic traffic within a year since the project commenced.
The Verz Process

The success of organic search efforts relies on effective researching, analysing, and selecting the right search engine keywords. For Fasten’s website, we used our proven methods and software in targeting strategic keywords that would satisfy both search engines and potential users.
For instance, over the course of 3 months we applied our SEO strategy to Fasten’s content using 10 relevant keywords. The goal was to get 100% of these keywords on the 1st page of Google. To achieve this, we ensured that optimised keywords are distributed all over Fasten’s website by incorporating them in the following:

  • Title Tag
  • Links
  • Content strategy
  • Images
  • Meta Description
  • URL
  • Site Structure
Build Contextual Backlinks

Building contextual connections with relevant sites is essential for search engines to recognise and increase Fasten’s authority and ranking. Likewise, we have built a steady stream of backlinks from trustworthy, high-authority sites by understanding the importance and credibility search engines place on contextual links.


Consequently, we were able to rank 100% of Fasten Enterprises’ keywords on the 1st page of Google with consistent monitoring and strategising.
By November 2020, Verz Design has managed to boost the keywords further up Google’s search rankings generating a fair amount of traffic with all 10 keywords.
As a result, Fasten Enterprises garners a total of 1,295 daily impressions from 295 daily impressions since last 2019.