How Verz Works: The Distinction between Copywriting and Copyediting

By: Nicole Serrano

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10 Oct 2018

How Verz Works: The Distinction between Copywriting and Copyediting


Writing is both a form of art and science. It involves creativity, strategy, depth and precision. Everything is copy, but there are certain differences when it comes to the functions and responsibilities.

Copywriting is creating content meant to sell or persuade its audience. It can be for a website, social media advertisement, billboard, flyer, blog article, and so on.

Copyediting is reviewing and refining the provided content. This includes ensuring accuracy in grammar, tone and structure.

In this article, we’ll be discussing further the differences between the two and will be explaining how Verz uses these differences to provide a wide range of content solutions for our clients.


What is Copywriting?

What is Copywriting?

As mentioned earlier, Copywriting is written content and its main purpose is to get the audience to engage the brand. It may be intended for the audience to purchase, like, share, comment, or to simply enquire – actions which may eventually lead to good and qualified traffic for the website.

It’s important to note that Copywriters are different from novelists or poets. Copywriters create compelling content for different types of industries to tap potential customers to engage their business. On the other hand, novelists or poets write to create stories that evoke imagination and drama.

Copywriting involves thorough research on the topic, business, writing styles and the kind of audience that you are trying to interact with. Through this, you can write concepts that the audience can resonate with and appreciate. Good copywriters have the ability to translate their content into grammatically sound, creative and relevant solutions that the target audience is after.

Aside from the creative input, it also has to be strategic in a way that works SEO, industrial keywords and other common search terms into the copy, yet remain natural, seamless and effective.


What is Copyediting?

What is Copyediting?

From its titular label, Copyediting refers to editing existing content to better readability and accuracy. This involves proofreading, checking grammatical and spelling errors, ensuring language and voice is aligned with the brand and consistent with the platform (website, flyer, Facebook post, etc.), and fit for its target audience. Copyediting revolves around making sure the copy maintains the thematic approach that is suited for the brand, while improving the content.

With a critical eye for detail, the copyeditor’s understanding of the industry should be in place to retain the natural flow and perspective of the copy. Copyediting also involves content organisation and strategic presentation of information through usage of bullet points, graphs, tables and illustrations.


How Verz Works: Copywriting vs. Copyediting

How Verz Works: Copywriting vs. Copyediting

Now, let’s discuss how these two content-driven services fall into place in Verz Design. 

Our research shows that visitors only spend a few seconds on a web page, and it takes even lesser for them to form an impression of the website. While design and images are critical for gripping attention, content is what ultimately makes sense of the design, controls the navigation process and sustains visitor engagement.

Copyediting, as explained above, deals with fine-tuning the existing content provided to align it with the brand and industrial language standards. Some clients believe they already have the right write-up to use for their website. What we do is we take the necessary steps in editing and making the copy suited for web browsing. In Verz Design, this is a value add-on service with the main purpose of improving and organising the copy provided by the client.

We propose an appropriate sitemap that is well-strategised to optimise and highlight what your website has to offer.

In order to keep accuracy and clarity in language, we do proofreading, paragraph checking and paraphrasing. We also propose web-friendly headers and marketing taglines for banners. Using our proven techniques, we ensure that the content is refined to be marketed on a website platform.

Complimentary inclusions in the web design package are customised Contact Us page, Thank You page, Auto-Reply email and Call-to-Actions at the end of key pages. The purpose of these is to build up links within the website, leading to more qualified traffic.


When it comes to our Copywriting services, everything discussed under Copyediting is automatically included. We will be explaining these inclusions further here.

While our Copyediting service doesn’t include an interview; our Copywriting service entitles clients to a full, face-to-face interview with one of our in-house Copywriters.

Exclusive benefits of Copywriting:

  • A detailed Copywriting Questionnaire for our Copywriters to understand basic information about the company and the client’s preferences
  • Ideas Document – This serves as the skeleton of the web copy, which basically shows the structure, flow and summary of content to be included
  • 120 minutes of thorough online research on the competitors and industry for stronger understanding of your business
  • Up to 10 pages of professional, sales-oriented and original Copywriting fit for the website platform
  • Customised Contact Us page, Thank You page and Auto-Reply message (counted as one page under 10 page entitlement) – Using our vast knowledge and expertise in marketing, we customise these pages to suit your brand and pull more profits by increasing the chances of potential repeat customers
  • Organise, proofread and paraphrase content – We do the following to ensure that the copy is not only well-written, but appropriate for the website platform. This includes strategic use of tables, illustrations, graphs, infographics, and so on
  • Call-to-actions in key pages – More than just a shout-out for a call or an enquiry, call-to-action content is a vital and powerful component of a website. These can direct visitors to create a desired action, leading to an improvement in your conversion rates
  • SEO-friendly banner taglines and headers – Since these banners are the first thing that the visitor will see on each page, we craft out SEO-oriented and marketing-friendly taglines. This is to catch the attention of your visitor, engage them and possibly get them to stay on your site to eventually drive conversions
  • Organised and logical sitemap – When done right, this improves the user experience of your visitors and can be strategically constructed to lead visitors to the most important parts of your website


Both Copywriting and Copyediting services aim to create professional and quality content for our clients’ websites, as well as to complement the web page design. Copyediting focuses on improving existing content that our clients provide, whereas in our Copywriting service, we interview the client and create a copy from scratch with the information obtained. Everything under Copyediting is automatically covered when clients engage us for our Copywriting service.


To illustrate the differences and the benefits of both, here are a few excerpts from our previous Copywriting and Copyediting projects.


Copywriting Sample 
Copywriting Samples

Copyediting Sample
Copyediting Samples


No Worries. Let Us Bring Your Web Content Up to Par

No worries. Let us bring your Web Content up to par

In conclusion, we encourage clients to tap our Copyediting service if they already have the content to be used for their website. Our professionally-trained Copywriters will then optimise the content and ensure that it is sales-oriented and website-ready.

For those looking to start their own website with no content yet, one of our in-house Copywriters will conduct a personal interview prior to writing the web copy. The objective of the interview with the client will be to discuss the project’s content requirements and better understand their business and vision.

Both services are important in today’s content-driven world. Without one or the other, businesses would not be able to effectively compete in showcasing their brand message and reaching their target audience on the appropriate platforms.


For enquiries, you may engage us at 6841 16680 or email us at [email protected] so that we can set up a free consultation with you!

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