Google Ads vs AdSense: 3 Key Things That You Should Know

By: Cyd Cruz

Advertising SEM

20 Jan 2021

Google Ads vs AdSense: 3 Key Things That You Should Know

The internet is now one of the most widely-used platforms for businesses. With thousands of competitors, businesses might have a hard time finding a stable customer base on their own. This is where advertising comes in. Whether you need the boost from advertising or are looking for extra revenue from monetisation, you’ll definitely come across the Google Ads vs AdSense discussion in your Search Engine Marketing efforts.

Google Ads, formerly known as Google Adwords, is an online advertising platform that allows advertisers to display their products, services or videos to users on the internet. Think of it as the online equivalent to placing your advertisements on billboards so daily commuters can see what you have to offer.

Google AdSense on the other hand is an online tool that allows websites within the Google Network to display ads from other businesses, providing them with extra revenue for doing so. Whether you need the boost from advertising or are looking to generate revenue from having advertisements displayed on your site, you’ll definitely come across Google Ads and AdSense, especially in your Search Engine Marketing efforts. This article discusses the three things you’ll need to know about Google Ads vs AdSense.

3 Key Things You Need to know about Google Ads & AdSense

1. Usage & Benefits

Usage & benefits

Google Ads: When it comes to usage, Google Ads allows marketers to place advertisements all throughout Google and their affiliates. It also lets you to customise your advertisements in order to hit your market more accurately.

Whether you’re deciding to stay local or go international, Google Ads is your best bet in getting visibility for your products and services. Engaging with this tool allows you to boost brand awareness and display your unique selling points at a glance, even if the user viewing it isn’t on your website.

Google AdSense: AdSense lets website owners or publishers allot space for Google Ads to show up on their webpages. It matches ads to sites based on your visitors and page contents.

If you’re a website owner, advertisements displayed on your site can earn you additional revenue depending on how many users engage with them. Although the amount of profits you earn for each advertisement displayed will vary, it can serve as additional income for your business.

To Sum it Up: Google Ads is for advertisers while AdSense is for web publishers.

2. Payment


Google Ads: Placing advertisements throughout Google and its affiliates will obviously increase your expenses. Although paying for ad space will often yield different results, Google Ads allows advertisers to efficiently manage their budget by easily adjusting it.

It lets you set budget caps for your spending, pause advertisements and even stop it at any time. You are only entitled to pay when users engage with your advertisements, allowing you to avoid excessive and unnecessary spending.

Google AdSense:  Enabling you to get paid to have relevant ads from Google displayed on your site, Google AdSense helps you monetise your website. The best thing about it is that participation in this service is free. In fact, Google will pay you for every click and impression made on ads displayed on your website.

To Sum It Up: Pay for Google Ads, get paid with AdSense. It’s that simple!

3. Account set-up & requirements

Google Ads and AdSense Account set-up & requirements

Google Ads: Signing up for Google Ads is simple. The first thing you’ll need is an email address and a business website. You’ll also need to provide Google with some basic information about your business, then enter the email address you plan on using for your Google Ads account.
After providing your email, you’ll be asked to enter the website address for your business. Within 15-30 minutes, you’ll be able to start setting your preferences and create your own ad!

Google AdSense: Signing up for Google AdSense requires you to adhere to their eligibility requirements. A few things that you need before getting started are:

  • A website that meets Google’s Terms of Service
  • A language preference for your website
  • Unique and interesting content
  • Knowledge of the AdSense program policies

Once all these have been adhered to, Google will automatically choose which advertisements will net you the most revenue. It will also ensure that the ads that show up are relevant to your users.

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