5 Exciting eCommerce Website Design Trends for 2022

By: Ruviene Domingo


21 Dec 2021

eCommerce Website Design Trends for 2022 - Verz Design

Technology continues to change and evolve each year, and eCommerce website design trends are no different. It’s possible that the design and website features that were once considered modern or innovative may have become cliches as years go by. You wouldn’t want people to leave your site the moment they arrive just because your website looks outdated. Whether you’re trying to impress new or old customers, using the latest eCommerce website design trends gives the impression that your brand follows the latest trends. Considering these factors would set you apart from your competition.

1. Put in Creative and Eye Catching Animations

Use creative and eye catching animations

Page transitions are an important part of website navigation and an effective tool for improving user experience. They make your site pleasing to the eye and help entertain the user while the other parts of the site are loading. Animations also enable you to add user interface interactions to your site. This significantly increases engagement and ensures customers not only stay longer, but are also more likely to return.

Creative and eye-catching animations are expected to dominate ecommerce website design trends in 2022. We expect more web designers to include large-scale, animated interactions. These interactions aim to go beyond passive scrolling to encourage meaningful engagements such as clicking, swiping and dragging.

2. Make use of Sculpturesque Product Photography

Make use of sculpturesque product photography

75% of users say that product photography is very influential in their purchasing decisions. If you’re in eCommerce, you should know that product photography for eCommerce can make or break your business. For online shoppers, the biggest disadvantage of shopping online would be the inability to actually see the products that they want to purchase.

This is why quality product photography for eCommerce is so important. Your product images are the building blocks for a successful eCommerce business website. For this reason, it should be taken very seriously.

Gryphon Tea Company

Source: gryphontea.com
When it comes to eCommerce product photography, there are two main types of images: product shots and lifestyle images. Ideally, your website should have both types for the products you sell.

Minimalism has become a fad in the modern world, more so in a lot of eCommerce websites so this applies to product images as well. Examples are clean-cut product images that typically show your product alone against a plain background.

Sculpturesque Product Photography falls under minimalism in eCommerce. It’s a concept inspired by Bauhaus architecture, cubist sculpture. These ultra-modern product photos combine form and function. It’s all about bold geometry, striking angles, bright colors, and expert use of negative space to complement simple and minimalist web layouts.

3. Capture Real Textures of Products

Capture real textures of products

This trend supports the previous point. As mentioned, one of the biggest draw-backs of online shopping is that buyers can’t touch or feel the products before placing an order. This trend strives to bridge that gap.

Crispy Chicken Floss, Bee Cheng Hiang

Source: beechenghiang.com
It’s important to use specific strategies and techniques to capture images of your products in a way that lets your customers see even the most intricate details. These specifically include your product texture, colors, material, etc. This way, your customers can better imagine and understand what your product feels like.

Some advantages of using this trend include:

  • Boosting conversions
  • Allowing customers imagine the value your product will offer
  • Building your shoppers’ trust and confidence in your brand and in your business
  • Keeping visitors scrolling for a longer time on your pages
  • Minimizing returns

4. Include Product Features in Design

Include product features in design

Customers would want to know everything about a product before they decide to purchase it. They want to know what your product offers, what makes it stand out from the competition, and why they should buy it.

This is why it is very important to be able to clearly showcase your product’s unique features/selling points. When done right, the product anatomy will not only be a stunning showcase of your product. But it can also help your customers see the special details your product offers.

Apple Pie, Tong Garden Shop

Source: shop.tonggarden.com.sg
This in turn would build their trust in your brand for clearly communicating what they need to know. In creating an effective product anatomy, you’ll need to craft a product description that’s not only convincing, but also honest. Your product description exists not just to show features, but also to address your customer’s objections. The goal is for them to run out of reasons not to complete a purchase.

After all, what’s really stopping interested shoppers from buying your product are their doubts and objections. They’re wondering if your product is legitimate, does its claims, or if there’s a better deal in another store. Your product anatomy is meant to address all those doubts with copies that demonstrates why your product is the best choice.

5. Weave in Geometric Shapes

Weave in geometric shapes

Adding geometric shapes in web design is a trend that’s been gaining popularity in recent years. It is even expected to continue, especially in 2022. Web designers have been incorporating this ecommerce design trend as it helps in creating a more futuristic, minimalist look on your website.

D'Arts and Designs contact us page

Source: d-artsanddesigns.com
Objectives of Geometric Shapes in Web Design:

  • Navigation: Lines and shapes are used to guide users as they navigate their way through a website.
  • Framing: A geometric shape is used to contain vital content like text or an image which needs to be highlighted to users.
  • Visual effect: A shape is used to make a website look more appealing and makes it stand out from generic websites used by competitors without overpowering the website design.

As website design trends are continuously evolving, website designers are always coming up with different creative ideas. Users are bound to experience a new set of creative trends in eCommerce in 2022. Designers are expected to make ecommerce website design trends even more fun and entertaining to appeal to a greater audience.

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