Why Your Landing Page is the Only Important One?

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When designing a landing page for use on your website, it is good to remember just how important this page actually is to your website and business.  The landing page is in some ways the only important page on a website.  The reason for this is simple. It is, in many cases, the page that determines whether a visitor remains a visitor or becomes a subscriber, customer or somehow interacts with your business.

A landing page is the page that a visitor to a website lands on after clicking one of your advertising links. It is their first direct contact with your business through your website.  It is important that the landing page present what the ad described.  By designing the landing page to detail the goods, services or products that the ad showcased, this gives the visitor some confidence in your business.  By doing this, you accomplish several things.  One is that it makes a visitor more likely to want to stay on the page and actually interact by buying something, filling out a form or in whatever way you have chosen. Another benefit to making sure the landing page reflects the ad it can lower your advertising costs and give you better ad position with services such as Google AdWords.

Designing a specific landing page for each pay per click advertisement that you have set up is a good way to control the flow of visitors to your site.  It is much different than if a person just goes to your website’s homepage and has a range of options to select from.  With a landing page tied to a certain advertisement, the page can be almost tailored to fit the interest that sparked the visitor to click on the advertisement to begin with.  This can be quite beneficial.  If you have a good landing page, you can set it up to make the sale right then and there, which is a great way to tap into customer’s impulse buying habits.

A well designed landing page can be the most important page on your website strictly because it has the possibility to turn interest into action.  There is no guessing what the visitor is interested in. They have expressed their interest by clicking on your advertisement.  This eliminates a lot of the guess work that goes into designing a website.  Websites are valuable tools, but they are designed to appeal to the general audience, a landing page is not.  A landing page is customized to specifically appeal to someone with a specific interest in your company or products.

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