What Your Favourite Singaporean Dish Says About You – Part 2!

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21 Aug 2015

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The wait is over. We continue our celebration of Singapore’s 50th birthday by taking another look at one of our national obsessions: food!

We believe that food preference reveals a lot about your personality and tested that theory by asking co-workers to tell us why they love their favourite local delight.

Here’s a rundown of even more Singaporean favourites. Find out if your favourite dish makes the list and what it says about you!


What it is: This multi-national treasure has roots in Indian, Malay and Singaporean cuisine. Long grain rice is cooked ‘dum’ style in a large vessel with curried spices and huge meat chunks, allowing all the flavours to absorb.

What loving it says about you: If the rustic comfort of overflowing rice and curry makes you salivate, you aren’t too uptight and know that the most vibrant things in life are often the messiest.



What it is: Skewers of seasoned meat grilled to smoky perfection and served with a side of sweet peanut sauce.

What loving it says about you: You are friendly and modern, preferring your meal to be shared with the table over good conversation and in convenient bite-sized portions.



What it is: A deceptively simple dish of crab fried in bold spices. The unforgettable sauce clings to the crab like a rub… a rub with heaps and heaps of savoury pepper flavour.

What loving it says about you: You aren’t just looking for a meal; it is about the grand experience! In this case: hand-picking every morsel of meat off the shells as tanks of live seafood fiercely bubble around the table.



What it is: Rice cooked with fragrant pandan leaves and coconut milk accompanied by a customisable selection of meats and vegetables, mostly spicy! The cherry on top of this yummy delight is the side of sambal!

What loving it says about you: You are simultaneously nostalgic and forward-looking. Nasi Lemak has a very comforting traditional quality about it. Yet, the vast choices allow you a new, different plate each time you have Nasi Lemak!



What it is: A soft spring roll lightly brushed with sweet sauce and stuffed with fresh vegetables.

What loving it says about you: The humbly portioned but belly-filling popiah can be eaten on its own or as a side dish. Liking this fresh delight shows you believe in moderation.



What it is: Singapore’s National Dish! This complex sweet and spicy offering pays homage to Singapore’s humble roots as a fishing village.

What loving it says about you: You appreciate a homegrown dish that is also a gourmet specialty, showing that you have very high standards for both in terms of virtue and quality.



What it is: Stir fried egg noodles and rice noodles in a dash of broth; topped with prawn, squid, fishcake and other seafood.

What loving it says about you: You enjoy being bombarded by an abundance of experiences all at once just as you enjoy the combination of chewy, sticky, crunchy and soupy textures on your plate.


There is indeed no shortage of mouth-watering entries that are decidedly Singaporean. Was your favourite dish featured? If you haven’t already, check out part 1 of this series!

We will leave you with our personal choice for the best local food:

What it is: The abundance of tasty cuisine found all around our beautiful island.

What loving it says about you: You are just like us and the millions of other Singaporeans who love to eat!


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