Why Visitors Leave Your Website and How to Make Them Stay

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29 Sep 2016


So you’ve managed to attract customers to visit your website, but that’s only the first step.

Now, you want to make sure they are attracted and satisfied enough to stay. Getting traffic to your website can be troublesome, expensive and time-consuming so the last thing you want to happen is to lose those leads. Your priority should not only be to lure them in, but to convert your visitors into potential customers for your sales team.

In order to do that, you need to engage with them by making them click through to other pages, fill out an enquiry form, give you a call, or maybe even purchase or avail one of your services.

Here’s a run-through on some of the main reasons why visitors leave your website without converting, and ways to make them stay.

Poor User Navigation


Poor user navigation due to a complicated structure of a website, is often the main reason as to why this gets a high bounce rate. Visitors need to be able to freely move around and identify what they’re looking for in your website, regardless of the kind of device that they’re using.

Sometimes, the design itself is outdated and this affects the user experience and content organization.

Solution: A clear and concise sitemap must be established first to ensure a smooth sailing structure of a website. At the same time, a responsive web design that works in all types of devices nowadays is crucial and is no longer just an option. In addition to that, since most of the people these days are either on their phones or tablets, the convenience of this design may spike up your return of investment. Remember, your website navigation should be logical, easy to use, and intuitive.

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Slow Webpage Loading Time


According to KISSmetrics, 47% of visitors will only wait for a web page to load for no more than 2 seconds, and will leave if the loading time takes more than 3 seconds. Reasons leading to this problem usually include a huge chunk of videos in your content, un-optimized images, poor server performance, too many plugins, and more.

No matter how enticing your product or service is, your visitor will not patiently wait at your door until you answer. This may cause them to look for other options, and may side with your competitors instead.

Solution: Since Google considers load time a huge factor when ranking websites, this dilemma should not be ignored. Run a Google PageSpeed Insights report or other software tools that will help you figure out if your website is performing well in terms of loading time. This will also help you pinpoint the main reasons why it causes delay, so that you’ll know the necessary measures to take when resolving this issue.

Autoplay of Audio or Pop-up Ads


It drives people crazy when a video automatically plays, that their end goal would always be to turn off the audio or to wait for the ‘Skip the Ad’ to appear. Years ago, the trend was also having music automatically play once you enter a website. Your visitor might be listening to their own music that when they saw or heard an ad, they got irritated and decided to close the web page.

Since web design is constantly evolving, these things are no longer expected nor wanted by those people who visit your website. In case you weren’t aware, these audios and videos also slow down your loading time.

Solution: A simple and sleek web design that loads fast and provides easy access for visitors to roam around and find what they’re looking for should be your top priority. If you have ads or videos that you also want to showcase, strategically place them in areas that won’t distract your customers to what attracted them to your website in the first place.

Outdated Content


It’s not enough that you have a fast-loading website with a striking design, if you don’t have anything fresh and new to offer to your visitors. Some might get the wrong impression that the brand has turned inactive, or returning visitors who come in from time to time to check for the latest updates, might get bored and not come back at all.

Solution: Make sure that you keep your content fresh and updated. You can post blog articles related to your brand, or update your website with the latest events happening to your company. Not only will this increase the interest level in your site, it can also contribute to higher ranking on search engines.

Forced Registration Requirements


Some websites force their visitors to register or sign up before they can view some of their content. The perception of others is that this method will work in the long run since those who registered will be regularly updated and the company already has their contact details. However what others seem to ignore is that this practice automatically filters out their potential customers. Requiring visitors to sign up before providing them with the information they need, will push these people away.

Solution: Rather than requiring them to register before they view your content, use a pop-up feature that will only appear afterwards. If they’re really interested in what you have to offer, there’s a good chance that they will sign up for more updates. This is also a good way to get returning customers.

A website is one of the company’s biggest assets in terms of branding and marketing their products and services. Invest in ways on how to make visitors stay and always prioritize user experience before anything else. With Verz Design, our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority.

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