Verz Turns 10!

By: Joel Lim and Vienna D'Cruz

About Verz

11 Jun 2019


On 31 May 2019, we transformed our office into an exciting party venue as we celebrated a decade of web excellence at Verz Design. Fun and quirky decorations livened up our office space making it the perfect setting for memorable company photos with our guests. No one could miss the showstopping star that guests had to walk through as they entered our office.

Other memorable decorations include a champagne bottle with a stream of bubbles and a huge signboard in the shape of the number 10 decked out in bright lights. Yellow gold, black and confetti balloons added to the great vibes of the party.


Food to Thai For

The highlight of the afternoon was the delicious Thai Buffet! The mouth-watering spread included spicy tom yum soup, flavourful pineapple rice eaten with creamy green curry and chilli squid. For dessert guests tucked into tapioca with coconut milk and authentic Thai ice milk tea. Everyone was nicely satiated after generous second helpings.


Launch of Share an Umbrella Campaign

Without the support of our community, it would have been nigh impossible for us to achieve this milestone of 10 years. With that in mind, we launched our Share an Umbrella Campaign, and we gave out umbrellas to all of our guests with the hope that they would support their respective communities in passing on a simple gesture. For more information, check out our Share an Umbrella microsite at


Over the Moon with “Girls of Verz”

The “Girls of Verz” had a productive photo session with beautiful decorations and photogenic door gifts. Each client received one of our Share Umbrellas and their very own Moon Light. Aptly named Moon Light, the latest 3D printing technology creates a sphere identical to that of the actual moon.

An especially unforgettable gift, guests can use the Moon Light as a functional night light. They can choose between yellow or blue light and use the dimming function to set the right atmosphere before bed. The icing on the cake is that it is rechargeable, you only need to plug it in. We hope our guests get to recharge and conduct their business refreshed after a good night’s rest!


Everyone is a Happy Client

Verz employees were photo ready to pose with their respective clients. The most popular cardboard cut-out was “Happy Client”, which was an uncannily accurate reflection of our efforts to ensure client satisfaction. At Verz, we strive to maintain customer satisfaction throughout all of our processes, and it was incredibly heart-warming to be receiving such support from our guests.


Write a Verz on our Guest Board

Our guests were encouraged to ‘Write A Verz’ on our historic 10-year AnniVERZary of Web Excellence. We hope that the board serves as inspiration and motivation for the next 10 years to keep doing our best for our clients.


Gifts from our Treasured Friends

On top of that, our day was made when we received not one, but two hampers from our beloved friends at Vodien and IFIS. While the wine and snacks made our bellies very happy, the thought behind the hampers put smiles on our faces for the rest of the day.


Meet the Verz Family


No birthday celebration would be complete without family photos, and we’ve assembled our Marcomms, Sales, WMP and Custom Teams for photos that will always be a part of Verz’s history.

Once again, we’d like to express our thanks to everyone who has played a part in helping us reach this significant milestone. Whether you’re a former partner or potential client, let’s work closely to design excellence and reach greater heights together!


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