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17 Jun 2016


Verz Consulting Pte Ltd has officially changed its name to Verz Design Pte Ltd. The change is reflected in the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) with effect from 17th May 2016.

Verz started off as “Verz Consulting” in 2009, with more emphasis on Business Consulting. We were one of the few agencies in Singapore which provided IDA Singapore’s SIP Grant, which is a grant for customers without any online presence to set up their first website. Following the successful completion of SIP Grant, with nearly 100 websites completed within 6 months, Verz moved away from Grant Application and Business Consulting and concentrated on the business of Web Design and Development.

Fast forward to present day, we have become a leading web design company in Singapore, and are also commonly known in the Industry as “Verz Design”. The name change to “Verz Design Pte Ltd” is thus a logical and natural step, and serves as a commitment to our core business in Web Design & Development.


Unveiling Our New Logo and Tagline

With the change in Company Name, we have also taken the apt opportunity to revamp our logo and tagline. Introducing Verz Design’s new logo:



Here’s a better look:




What’s the Meaning behind the New Logo?


Continued Assurance of Quality

The orange tick beside our company name is something we are very familiar with. In attaining our ISO9001:2008 certification, Verz Design had to hit a checklist of stringent criteria in quality management system and customer satisfaction as audited by the Singapore Accreditation Council and United Kingdom Accreditation Service.

By integrating a tick as a permanent part of our logo, we make a promise to ourselves that as a professional web design company, Verz will always hit universal standards of quality!


Industry Leader in IT

The negative space within the triangle resembles the white arrow when we use a mouse to navigate our computer interface. This represents the core business of Verz Design, which is closely related to the computer. The deliberate orientation of the white arrow towards the right serves as a constant reminder to point our clients towards the right direction. Currently, with eCommerce platforms on the rise, we are also moving in the direction of becoming an eCommerce website development company to cater to clients’ business needs.


The New Era Has Arrived – It’s More Than Just Looking Good!

Former Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs asserted that, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Our new tagline “Designing Web Excellence” reinforces this idea of accountability to the end-to-end success of our clients’ web development, beyond the idea of just “looking good” as featured in our former tagline. After all, an eCommerce designer like us would know that style is nothing without the actual substance and functionality.

Our new slogan “Designing Web Excellence” means that you can expect more than just looking good from Verz. We aim to deliver Excellence in our holistic web service, which encompasses Copywriting, Designing, Programming, Hosting, and Internet Marketing. We are also striving towards becoming the best eCommerce website design company in Singapore.

If you would like to tap into “Designing Web Excellence” for your business, drop us an enquiry here or contact us at 6841 1680 for a detailed consultation on our full suite of web development capabilities.

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