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By: Julian Wong

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08 Sep 2022

While the morning of 19 August started gloomily and downcast, nothing was going to beat down on the spirits of Verz Design’s employees as they made their way towards the tiny island of Sentosa for a day of fun and cohesiveness.


As if anticipating our arrival, the skies cleared as Verz’s employees alighted the bus from Beach Station. After climbing a small hill, which some claim was gruelling, we received a warm welcome from the friendly crew at the Sentosa MegaAdventure.

Safety always comes first—so after a thorough safety briefing, our weights were measured before being securely strapped into safety harnesses.

Once we were clad in safety gear, we made our way to the MegaAdventure course. The colossal 15-metre high structure towered over us, enough to strike fear into those with acrophobia. There were three obstacles for us to conquer today—the Sail, MegaClimb, and MegaJump before sailing down the iconic MegaZip to Siloso Beach.


Like its namesake, the Sail is an imposing, 15m high rope designed to resemble the rigging that supports a ship’s sail. Atop this obstacle stood a bell, and ringing it served as a mark of honour for completing the strenuous task.

Many of us took the opportunity to pit our brawn against each other in races to the top but some, such as Emiline Chee, our UX designer, found it an uphill task.

“Even though I kept saying that I couldn’t do it, my partner, Marcus, was so nice! Instead of rushing ahead, he waited patiently for me so that we could reach the top together!” she exclaimed.


The MegaClimb is the main obstacle course that encircled the MegaAdventure area. Three different courses of varying heights and difficulty make up the course, All of which feature a ‘Leap of Faith’— a daring 1m jump, as well as a short zipline at the end, to give us a small taste of what was to come later.

“The peer pressure kept me going—although I did not dare to continue walking at times, there was no way to return to the start other than to complete the course. My team got stuck behind me, but instead of rushing me or complaining, they encouraged me and I managed to finish the whole course.” chuckled Jinming Cao, our Digital Project Executive.


Perhaps the most challenging event for those with an extreme fear of heights would be the MegaJump, a 15m freefall simulator from the top of the main MegaAdventure building. For many, it was an insignificant, fun, ‘flying’ experience. However, for someone with extreme acrophobia like myself, the mere thought of putting a foot out into the open air was enough to send me reeling in fear.

After much persuasion and peer pressure, I found myself looking down into a sea of white Verz Design T-shirts and regretting every life decision I have made that led up to this point. While my colleagues who completed the activities were enjoying a respite below, my stomach was convulsing, and my legs were quivering as I ‘walked the plank’. Despite the cheers of my colleagues and the assuring words of the MegaAdventure guides, I could only hear my heart pulsing in my throat.

It took three painful minutes for me to accept that the only way out was downwards. Eyes closed and knees bent, I mustered every ounce of life I left in me and leapt off the platform. The wind rushed against me for a brief three seconds, and the safety mechanism kicked in to slow my fall—before I knew it, it was over. I conquered the MegaJump.


The MegaZip is Asia’s best zipline experience and the last leg of Verz Design’s MegaAdventure journey. We were to descend at a speed of 60kph from Sentosa’s 75m high jungle canopy to the pristine sands of Siloso beach.

Three by three, we were strapped onto the zipline and whirring towards Siloso beach at blistering speed. Once over the initial shock of being launched, we relished the wind rushing against our hair and the panoramic view of the island as we catapulted downwards. It was indeed a one-of-a-kind experience that even those with acrophobia would try again.

Our Digital Marketing Executive, Ryan Fok, recounted the experience: “I would never go on a rollercoaster, but the MegaZip was very relaxing. The view made the experience even more shiok.”

Now that all forty of us had safely touched down at Siloso Beach, it was time for what we were all looking forward to—a three-hour yacht party!

Yacht Party

Our yacht was fully furnished with amenities such as a bar counter and multiple washrooms and even came with a karaoke machine and an automatic mahjong table!

When everyone was onboard, we set sail for Lazarus Island to have some fun in the sea! There were three activities on the menu—a boat ride, a jetski ride, and a kayak.

For the less adventurous, floats were laid out for them to lounge in the waters, with a couple of beers, of course!

Alas, it was time to go home, and the yacht set sail for Sentosa once again while dinner was served. We headed to the deck to catch a picturesque view of the Singapore shoreline as the sun set on the horizon and enjoyed the cool evening sea breeze along with our food.

As the Verz employees alighted from the yacht, they let out a sigh—the yacht had felt like a temporary escape to a place free of stress and worry, and now we were finally back to reality. Despite that, we left Sentosa with a smile, knowing that while the fun was over, the memories we made that day were ones that we would cherish for a long time.

Regarding the day’s activities, Henry Ng, our Managing Director, weighed in: “While I gave the company’s Welfare Committee full rein over the activities, I was adamant that the yacht party come after the MegaAdventure. I believe it’s better to go through the hard work, the sweat, before chilling and partying in the evening. It’s like how we work at Verz. First we put in the hard work, then we reap the rewards and enjoy later.”

Echoing the words of our boss, at Verz Design, we work hard, but we party even harder. The company organises monthly company lunches and events as a way of thanking employees for the hard work they put in our clients’ projects. If you’d like to be a part of our dynamic, fun-loving team, head on down to our LinkedIn page to view our available positions!

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