Verz Design Launches Brand New Office In Record Time with Design of SCHATZ

By: Vienna D’Cruz

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15 Feb 2021

The new year has brought with it many new and exciting developments for Verz Design. After weathering the Covid-19 pandemic apart but not alone last year, we have gradually returned to the office in our respective teams.

As the Verz family continues to grow and expand, we launched our brand new office this month. The time apart has made us realise how much we’ve missed each other and the importance of bonding as a company and working as a team.

With the expertise and vision of well-established interior design consultancy, Design of SCHATZ(D.O.S), this new office has been designed to further enhance our operations and foster stronger collaboration both internally as well as with our clients.

1. Our Interior Designers

We first partnered with Design of SCHATZ, a leading interior design company in Singapore, 5 years ago when we moved to our current office at HH@Kallang. Their professionalism and attention to detail left a deep impression on us and the quality of work they provided was excellent. Specialising in purposeful design and careful construction, D.O.S prepares commercial spaces for the future of work while staying true to the company’s ethos of putting empathy and heart at the centre of their designs.

The well-designed space has been embraced by Verz and closely resembles a comfortable second home where we can express ourselves creatively and openly. When the opportunity arose to design a new office space for our expanding team, we immediately contacted D.O.S. They worked efficiently to conceptualise our interior and have it ready in the short span of time.

2. The Design Concept

“We believe that it is more important than ever to unite companies in a shared space where they can feel comfortable and safe to work, collaborate and interact” shared Ms Wei Cheong, Director of Commercial Properties, Design of SCHATZ. The thoughtfully designed interior integrates Verz Design’s creative and collaborative spirit with design elements to cater to a growing web design company. The new multifunctional features such as the inclusion of “phone booths”, affords privacy in an otherwise open-concept office.

Useful to block out background sound during video conferencing or multiway phone calls with numerous stakeholders it is a thoughtful feature in a shared office occupied by both the sales and operation team members.

3. The Space

One key aspect of an established web design company in Singapore is the intention to grow and expand our capabilities to offer our clients more holistic services in the future. Our new office is designed to provide us with the set up necessary for onboarding new employees. Furthermore, while a lot of work takes place online, communal spaces to interact and discuss new ideas have been added. With the inclusion of a cosy discussion corner and multifunctional meeting room, we can’t wait to get started ideating and channelling our creative energy into exciting new ventures.

The new office shares a similar design aesthetic to our existing office. D.O.S proposed different types of furniture to enhance the overall office look and feel. To make the office look more creative and comfortable, they suggested suitable lighting options. D.O.S. used lighting as an innovative way to define the different areas of the office. Using different lighting fixtures for work  and non-work areas created the perfect balance of illumination. The new furniture and light feature in the meeting room is a statement piece sure to impress the clients and guests we host!

4. Incorporating Fun at Work

The new office also comes with fun elements that include a foosball table. We look forward to having the opportunity to engage other teams in a mini-competition when we unwind or take a break. The inviting pantry, well-stocked with much needed caffeinated drinks is the ideal spot to relax over a cuppa. The flexibility of the hot desking area is great for team discussions or informal meetings with other team members! We are already settling in!

Coming Together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. – Henry Ford

What do we love about the new office?

The new office is refreshing, spacious and bright! – Ethan, Senior Sales Consultant

The new office space is open and inviting with the new white lights. The couches look like a nice hang out spot for tea breaks. I also like that we can have some fun playing at the foosball table – Yenni, UX Designer

The open concept fosters easy communication with my fellow team members and the Sales Director – Desmond, Sales Consultant


Verz Design is an award-winning web design agency in Singapore with over ten years of experience and expertise in web design. We have successfully created thousands of websites for businesses across different industries. We have watch it takes to help you create an awesome website too!

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