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25 May 2017

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) consists of campaigns targeted at industry-specific keywords. These campaigns generate ads on Google’s first page whenever users search for the keywords, directing users to the linked website.

Here are 5 ways SEM is an effective, value-for-money tool for businesses of all scales:

1) Immediate Impact with Instant Visibility

SEM guarantees instant visibility at prominent positions (e.g. top of Google’s first page) regardless of scale of business so long as the campaign strategy and budget are correct.

New or small businesses will find it almost impossible to be at the top of Search Engines’ organic results page as they have yet to establish a good ranking through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Unlike SEO, which takes several months to build up, SEM will provide instant visibility. This is especially useful for businesses with brand new sites that start off completely unknown. 


2) Low Starting Budget, Scalable as the Business Grows

SEM allows for a pay per click bid model, meaning budgeting is extremely flexible. Users may start at a small budget for the first month, and scale up or down through live adjustments to their budget when needed.

A viable strategy would be to invest an initial marketing budgeting into 3 months of SEM, then employ a strategy of rolling the resultant revenue forward.

For example, 20% of the additional revenue generated from SEM efforts after the first 3 months can be set aside for re-investment into SEM efforts for an additional 3 months.


3) An Advertising Channel with Lowest Production Costs

Unlike advertising on traditional media like television, where a high level of manpower and budget is required to produce an ad for the public, SEM carries minimal production cost to set up.

The overwhelming majority of the budget expanded will go directly into generating traffic under the pay per click model. Additionally, since SEM relies on a digital medium, no auxiliary costs like printing or hardware maintenance will be required.


4) Get Qualified Traffic of Users More Likely to Convert

SEM represents targeted advertising, custom presented to the customer base a business knows is likely to make a purchase. Users may be targeted by the theme of site they are browsing, by their social demographic or even by the keywords they have searched for on Google. This means that the users who see SEM ads are far more pre-disposed to being the target customer for the featured product or service.


5) Advertise Directly to Competitors’ Customers

For businesses looking to get assertive with their marketing, SEM also offers the option of targeting the customer base of competitors directly. This is especially useful for industries with big, universally known players; a smaller business may advertise directly to customers searching for the brand names of industry leaders to build impressions and awareness that they offer competing products and services.

Professionally certified agencies are the best equipped with the experience and skill to optimally leverage on this suite of SEM benefits. Businesses that opt for professional SEM management have an immediate leg up on competitors, optimally positioning them to take massive strides within their industry.

Verz Design is a certified Google partner agency, meaning our professionals have been trained in the best practices and optimal strategies for SEM. If you would like find out how your business can unleash its true potential through a proactive SEM campaign, give us a ring at +65 6841 1680 for a free consultation.”

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