Top 3 Problems Faced by Web Design Clients in Singapore

By: Vienna D'Cruz & Henry Ng

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04 Sep 2019

Top 3 Problems Faced by Web Design Clients in Singapore


After a decade in the business, our Managing Director, Henry Ng has racked up an extensive list of satisfied clients. From different industries to different stages of the business cycle, he has met every client under the sun (because let’s face it, every business needs a well-designed website). When asked how he has managed to accomplish this, he emphatically states it comes from learning from past mistakes.

We sit down with him to find out the top 3 problems faced by clients and how Verz Design has used these problems to learn and improve the overall process to support our clients even better than before.


Problem #1: Design does not meet your expectations

Design does not meet your expectations

Explanation of the Problem: Some web agencies may pitch for your project using design work done by ex-designers or freelancers. In more extreme cases, these may be by designers who have never been employed in their web agency. The creative designs shown to you are starkly different from what we will receive since you will not benefit from the talent and expertise of those designers.

Henry’s Top Tip: “When looking for a web design agency, browsing their gallery is a given but take it with a pinch of salt. Go one step further and explore how recent the websites they launch are. Also, be aware of web agencies that only promote their best designs on their social media and corporate website because what are the chances you will get their best designer working on your project?”

Advice to Customers: Chances are, you will only be making one website for your business, so make sure you hire a team that will give you their best designs. One way to ensure this is to find out how the web design agency motivates and challenges their designers to constantly strive to improve their craft.

At Verz Design, we provide 2 completely different designs done by 2 different designers. This is significantly different from one designer providing 2 different designs because the two designers compete for the client’s approval. Only designs selected by the client will qualify for our internal Vivace Competition that has an attractive cash prize incentive.


Problem #2: Mismatch in terms of programming requirements

Mismatch in terms of programming requirements

Explanation of the Problem: Custom Programming can be likened to building a house. You cannot build a house without an architect laying out the blueprints for construction. Similarly, you cannot build a custom website without first specifying the details necessary for programming. Should these specifications be left out of the quotation, the web agency may not abide by the verbal agreement and this results in additional cost and inconvenience for you.

Henry’s Top Tip: “Make sure your requirements are explicitly stated in the quotation. This may seem obvious but often, the client verbally discusses their website requirements with the salesperson and assumes ALL their requirements will be clearly stated in the quotation. Many web agencies do not write down the specifications in the contract and this leaves you vulnerable.

Advice to Customers: At Verz Design, we have one of the longest quotations in the industry because we strongly believe in integrity, one of our core company values. We believe that by clearly stipulating the specifications, we protect both our clients as well as ourselves so that we can achieve good, honest work.

For Custom Web Development projects, we have introduced a process termed Business Requirements Gathering to alleviate such problem. During this stage of Business Requirements Gathering, our Business Analyst or Project Manager will sit down and discuss with client in details for their programming features. At the end of the discussion, a document will be provided to the client to confirm the requirements.


Problem #3: Cannot complete the website within the required timeline

Cannot complete the website within the required timeline

Explanation of the Problem: Many business owners are under the false impression that a website is simple and easy to create. While free website portals may make this claim, choosing a web design agency to create a customised layout or design with customised HTML programming features requires a considerable time investment for desired results.

Henry’s Top Tip: “Occasionally you come across a client that complains the website development is taking too long. What they must understand is that the web design agency has the same goal as the client: to complete the work as soon as possible so they will receive the remaining balance.

Another tip is to be selective when choosing your preferred web design agency. Once you’ve made up your mind, give them your trust. While design changes are necessary to accomplish your desired web design, unnecessary changes can slow down the process and considerably lengthen your timeline. Unnecessary design changes can result in a longer timeline. Your designers are professionals hired from the top design schools so take their advice under consideration and hear them out before going against their selected font size or colour gradient. “

Advice to Customers: If you have a target date in mind, discuss it with the salesperson in charge of your project and the Project Manager to see if it can be done in time. While our team can work backwards from the desired date, customised website design is a creative process and requires substantial input from you. This makes the timeline potentially unpredictable. By providing timely feedback and supporting the project, we will be able to accomplish your desired web design in a shorter amount of time. Programming to build your design can be better predicted once the design is complete.

Choose a web design agency you can depend on to give you professional advice while also listening to your needs and wants. At Verz Design, we have spent a decade perfecting our internal processes and putting our clients first. That is why we are the no.1 Web Design Agency in Singapore.


Start your journey to web excellence today. Contact us at 6841 1680 or email us at [email protected] for a free consultation.


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