Top 3 Types of Clients All Web Agencies are Mindful of

By: Vienna D’Cruz

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09 Dec 2020

Top 3 types of clients all web agencies are mindful of - Verz Design

Verz Design has been in the web design and development industry for over 10 years. We are grateful for the consistent support we have gotten from the numerous clients that engage us.  This rich experience has allowed us to identify the various types of clients we’ve encountered.

This article touches on the top 3 clients we are most mindful of. While it may be a surprising topic, this article stems from the realisation that most of these clients, may not be aware that their actions have, on occasion caused us concern, While this may seem like a cathartic exercise to get things off our chest, it is in no way, shape or form meant to criticise but instead to shed some light from our perspective, that of the web designers, copywriters, programmers and project managers!  

3 types of clients that Web Agencies are most mindful of

1. The Perfectionist

The perfectionist client

Being a perfectionist may be imperative in running your business. We completely understand that you want the best website possible. You want the most attractive and unique web design with the best navigation, most interactive features and fastest loading speed. 

However, when it comes to building a website, certain factors need to take precedence over others and compromises must be made. By reverting to the Project Manager with piecemeal changes to be made, it will lengthen the project timeline. This is not advisable as your website is imperative to generating more business.

Furthermore, it is near impossible to be 100% satisfied with the number of factors that go into creating a website. At Verz, we fully understand this. That is why we empower our clients by conducting a thorough training session to teach them how to manage their website themselves once it has gone live. 

This allows the project managers and designers to focus on the bigger, more substantial changes to achieve the right website design. After all, our clients know that they can make smaller changes to the website on their own.

Top Tip: We suggest coming up with a rough guide for what you like or don’t like using other websites as a reference. At Verz, our various questionnaires address some of your website preferences so that we are better able to propose the designs and features you need.

2. The Kan Cheong King

The Kan Cheong King

We occasionally come across clients who confuse the timeline of websites made by website builders with websites made by web design agencies. While website builders are a quick resort to having a website, it cannot rival a website created by a web design agency. 

A plug and play website cannot create a lasting impression on your clients the same way a website built specifically for your business can. Especially now that the recent pandemic has forced the digital transformation of almost all businesses, the competition online has become fierce.

The level of personalisation you can offer with a website designed for you is crucial in getting your customers to remember you and to stand out from the sea of generic-looking websites. The unique user experience of your website will also go a long way in retaining current customers and converting new ones.

However, to achieve this, your project managers need to work closely with you to understand your business and the potential website users. Furthermore, to ensure your website is optimised with good navigation and the right website features, web designers and programmers need the time to build the website from scratch. 

Clients demanding a website within 1-2 months may not realise this, but the investment of time and resources to create a well-designed website from the start will lead to greater returns on investment in the long run.

Top Tip: Plan backwards from when you wish for your website to be ready. Let the sales consultant and project manager know this so that they can plan your website timeline accordingly. 

A customised website design is a creative process and requires substantial input from you. Work with your project manager by providing prompt feedback and comments or inform them should you require additional time for review so that they can factor it into the timeline.

3. The Time Traveller

The Time Traveller

Clients who let their projects drag for months, sometimes even years are dreaded in the web design industry. Just like our clients, we want to complete their projects in a timely fashion. This is a win-win situation. 

We deliver our work efficiently and our clients’ benefit from an awesome looking website completed within the projected timeline. However, clients who let their projects sit on the shelf for lengths of time create the opposite scenario for both parties. 

The client does not achieve the objective of generating more sales or increasing brand awareness with a website. At the same time, the web design agency’s resources to fulfil this project go to waste. 

Employees in web design agencies like Verz may also be affected because they will not be able to meet their project target. As veterans in the industry, we understand clients have difficulty setting aside time for their website whilst also running a business full time. Their confirmation and approval often require many follow up calls and emails or several rounds of revisions because they cannot make up their mind. 

At Verz Design we have streamlined our process flow and strategize our use of resources. We contact our clients weekly and should it be required; we may advise our clients to put their projects on hold until they have the capacity to resume their web design projects. 

Top Tip: Get your priorities in order. What is key is getting your website up and running well to generate more sales? This means deciding on the webpages you need and the functions your online business would require. Your website is not set in stone, you can always make changes to the small things like the website copy once the website has gone live.

Choose Verz Design for All Your Web Design and Development Needs

Choosing the right web design agency; one you can depend on to give you professional advice while also listening to your needs and concerns is key to getting the website you want. At Verz Design, we have spent over a decade perfecting our internal processes and putting our clients first. This is why we are the no. 1 Web Design Agency in Singapore.

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