How To Step Up Your Resume: A CSR Initiative By Verz Design

By: Henry Ng

About Verz

19 Oct 2020

Verz Design is committed to helping out our community during this time of need. We believe that our business can make a positive impact on society especially in this global pandemic. 

Resumes are arguably the most important tool for job hunting. As such, we wanted to leverage on our expertise to give back in the way we know best design. This motivated us to start a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative called, “Step Up Your Resume”. 

We pulled together a team of volunteers who worked with local job seekers to revamp their resumes on a pro-bono basis.  

Our Team of Warriors That Step Up Your Resume

How to step up your resume a CSR initiative by verz design teamOur CSR team from top left to bottom right: Gail Samson, Kanishka Sharma, Sharon Teo, Kristina Bolante, Brenda Lim, Ann Ibanez, Nicole Serrano, Glenn Cross and Henry Ng. 

The voluntary initiative began in June as we reached out to local job seekers in need. Our priority was given to recently unemployed Singaporeans and PRs, although our volunteers reviewed the eligibility of candidates’ on a case-by-case basis.

How Did We Step Up Their Resumes?

Our volunteers received resumes from interested applicants and asked them a series of questions to better understand their needs. The team then redesigned the resumes to one that hopefully would attract more employers and expedite their job search.

One of our volunteers, Brenda, even gave job interview tips and hosted mock interview video sessions. Reflecting on the experience, she said, “It was a fulfilling experience helping those in need. I realised that many people do not recognise the importance of a good resume and how it plays a vital role in our job seeking journey. I am glad that this initiative benefited many candidates.” 


Process for stepping up your resume

Moving forward with this CSR initiative, we hope to reach out to even more job seekers in need. Contact us at +65 6841 1680 or fill up our form at to apply today! 

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