2020: The Wakeup Call For SMEs To Go Digital

By: Cyd Cruz


05 Jan 2021

SME Go Digital: 3 Reasons Why It Should Jump On Board eCommerce

This year has brought with it many challenges as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in particular, have had to rethink their business plan to stay nimble in light of the change in consumer behaviour during this uncertain time. The present circumstances have forced the hand for many businesses to embrace technology and adopt digital solutions. However, there remain business owners who do not believe in digital transformation. With the start of Phase 3 and relaxing of more Covid-19 measures, you may think this implies things will go back to what it once was before 2020, before this global pandemic. This is not the case and here are 3 key reasons why if you’re an SME, it’s time to jump on board the eCommerce train and go digital.

3 Reasons why SMEs Should Jump On Board eCommerce

1. Change In Consumer Behaviour

Change in consumer behaviour

The pandemic restrictions have driven business profits considerably lower than before. For industries such as retail and F&B, the pandemic consequences have been even more severe with fewer people allowed in shops and restaurants due to social distancing measures. 

To remain viable, many companies have brought their business online, selling their products and services on the internet instead. For the past year, consumers have enjoyed the option to buy their products online and have them delivered. 

SMEs that have not provided an eCommerce option during the lockdown or circuit breaker should definitely start now to remain competitive. With the opening up of the economy, consumer behaviour and the online shopping habit is not likely to revert to what it was pre-Covid-19. If your business cannot be found online, you will ultimately risk losing potential customers to competitors that have online presence.  

2. Increased Internet Usage

Increased internet usage

The safety measures put in place because of Covid-19 i.e. Work From Home (WFH) have increased the amount of time the average person spends online. “Be where the world is going” is a particularly fitting quote for businesses.

With more people online than before for longer periods, an eCommerce business is perfect to tap on this substantial pool of online users any time of the day. 

Furthermore, with travel restrictions, more people have increased their online shopping budget. They are also more comfortable making bigger purchases online. This opens your business up to an even wider target audience and more potential customers in comparison to a physical store. In conclusion, keep your existing customers from finding online competitors by competing on a level playing field online.  

3. Ease of entry

Ease of entry

As a result of the pandemic, home based bakers and other small startup businesses have emerged. Thanks to recent developments in tech, breaking into the online digital market has never been easier. 

With brilliant online tools like Shopify and Magento, starting an online business or bringing it online has never been easier.  Investing in a professional web design agency like Verz Design will provide your business with the right footing to take on the highly competitive online market. 

Furthermore, Verz Design is an IMDA Pre-Approved Solutions Vendor so you can enjoy up to 80% funding for your eCommerce website with the Productivity Solutions Grant. Our web experts will advise you on how you can customise the shopping process to make your website stand out in a crowd.

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Start your eCommerce journey this year with Verz Design

Verz Design is an established web design agency in Singapore. The COVID-19 virus has hit hard this year, nevertheless, we strive to help businesses from a wide range of industries adopt digital solutions for the future. 

We have helped over 3,000 active clients and we will continue to do so. As an IMDA Pre-approved Solutions Vendor, we can help you build own eCommerce business website with the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

With Verz Design’s expertise in eCommerce web design and development, we know we’ve got what it takes to help you transition online. Looking to start or improve your eCommerce website? Verz Design has your back! Give us a call at 6841 1680 or drop an email at [email protected] for a free consultation

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