15 SME eCommerce Websites Created by Verz Design

By: Cyd Cruz


22 Jan 2021

15 SME eCommerce Websites Created by Verz Design

Done right, commerce has always been one of the most profitable industries out there. Recent lockdowns and constant improvements in technology have resulted in online transactions being more popular than ever. An eCommerce website will prove to be beneficial for your business and provide you with greater visibility. Additionally, your customers will be able to enjoy added convenience to their shopping experience. Choosing the right web agency to create your website for you is often the first choice. But it is also one of the most challenging ones due to how difficult it is to gauge a web agency’s capabilities.
Fortunately, many agencies now provide portfolios of their work on their website. When choosing a web agency, don’t just look at 2 or 3 websites they’ve created, look at as many as you can to get a better idea of what they can do for you! To take it a step further, we’d like to introduce you to 15 SME eCommerce websites created by Verz Design.

15 SME eCommerce websites in Singapore created by Verz Design

1. Allegro Fine Wines

Allegro Fine Wines sme eCommerce websites created by Verz Design

Website link: https://www.allegrofinewines.com/

Allegro Fine Wines is a retailer that offers Italian wines that are popular overseas and offered in Michelin restaurants worldwide. Their catalogue contains many different vintages sourced from top vineyards abroad. To stay true to the nature of wine, Verz Design stuck to a colour theme that’s classy and elegant. Shades of blue, gold and off-white fit these aesthetics perfectly.

2. JNL

JNL sme eCommerce websites created by Verz Design

Website link: https://www.jnl.sg/

If you’re looking for a variety of containers that serve many different purposes, JNL is the place for you! They provide only the best storage materials for all your utensils, cups and many others. To complement their business logo, we’ve incorporated pink and blue undertones to their website. Also, we used these colours alongside a splash of white to keep the website simple and sleek.

3. Meat Men

Meat Men sme eCommerce websites created by Verz Design

Website link: https://www.meatmen.sg/

Meat Men specialises in everything meat. Their products range from beef to seafood, and they also offer delivery services that are guaranteed to arrive fresh and on time. Their web design is simple, taking inspiration from their brand logo with touches of brown.

4. Mini & Tot

Mini & Tot sme eCommerce websites created by Verz Design

Website link: https://www.miniandtot.com.sg/

Mini & Tot is one of the SME eCommerce websites created by Verz Design. It offers a wide range of baby products and accessories from different brands. Their products can cater to infants from all ages. Aiming for a non-cluttered website, we made their design as clean and simple as possible.

5. Fotohi Carpet

Fotohi Carpet sme eCommerce websites created by Verz Design

Website link: http://fotohicarpet.com/

The Fotohi Carpet Gallery is an online retailer and wholesaler of carpets for the Singaporean market. They offer a variety of hand-knotted carpets as well as different services ranging from carpet cleaning to customisation. The website’s colour theme is directly taken from their brand logo,  which is designed to look modern. Also, we decided to keep the website simple and minimalistic for an overall sleek vibe.

6. Vitadeals

Vitadeals sme eCommerce websites created by Verz Design

Website link: https://vitadeals.sg/

As an online health supplier, Vitadeals offers a variety of products that can help ourselves healthy. Ranging from vitamins to amino acids, their catalogue caters to people from all age groups. This client wanted to minimise clicking and focus on convenience. So firstly, we’ve designed their website to be as simple as possible, immediately showing users their product categories as soon as they enter. Then, we’ve incorporated splashes of lime in terms of colour to fit their brand logo. In conclusion, this layout will ensure that each customer finds the product they’re looking for and quickly check them out.

7. Mega Power Engineering & Trading

Mega Power Engineering & Trading sme eCommerce websites created by Verz Design

Website link: http://www.megapower.com.sg/

Mega Power Engineering & Trading is your one-stop shop for all your automotive air-conditioning needs! Not only do they provide parts for your vehicle, they also offer a variety of services pertaining to their specialty. For this project, Verz Design has built the client’s website using their logo colours as its foundation. We’ve also opted to include shades of blue, white and orange, which complement their logo perfectly.

8. Jumbo Gold & Diamonds

Jumbo Gold & Diamonds sme eCommerce websites created by Verz Design

Website link: https://www.diamondtrader.com.sg/

An established gold and diamond merchant in Singapore, Jumbo Gold & Diamonds designs only the finest jewellery. Their products are made using precious metals, rare gemstones and GIA-certified diamonds. Because of their products, their website is designed to bring about an elegant vibe, set within a minimalist aesthetic.

9. My Junior Club

My Junior Club sme eCommerce websites created by Verz Design

My Junior Club is an online retail website specialising in children’s accessories like books, toys and clothing. To keep their website simple and straight-to-the-point, Verz sets their website background as white for that clean look. We also used colours taken from their business logo and utilised them for a variety of graphics, banners and links.

10. Happiest Place

Happiest Place sme eCommerce websites created by Verz Design

Happiest Place is one of the many SME eCommerce websites that offer its users a variety of women’s clothes and accessories. The main theme of their products lean towards the Bohemian vibe. Therefore, we designed their website with lively colours that bring forth feelings that truly fit their brand image.

11. Tennis Hub

Tennis Hub sme eCommerce websites created by Verz Design

Website link: https://www.tennishub.com/

As its name implies, Tennis Hub offers anything and everything relating to tennis. Rackets, shoes and accessories, you’re sure to find everything you need for tennis at Tennis Hub! Keeping it as convenient as possible, we’ve made their eCommerce website easy for their customers to use. Additionally, we’ve stuck with a clean design to keep their layout neat.

12. Supermec

Supermec sme eCommerce websites created by Verz Design

Website link: https://www.supermec.com/

With over 40 years of experience in their industry, Supermec offers services that cover engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance. They have successfully provided their expertise to pharmaceutical, petroleum, petrochemical and oil & gas industries. Their website is designed with convenience in mind. As soon as their users enter their site, their featured products and solutions will immediately be displayed.

13. Good Food Singapore

Good Food Singapore sme eCommerce websites created by Verz Design

Good Food Singapore is a retailer of freshly made food, taking pride in the quality of products they offer. Run and managed by experienced chefs, you can rest assured that every product they offer is perfect and of high-quality. This client chose a modern, yet simple aesthetic. In accordance with this, we’ve designed their website with a white background, as well as touches of maroon to suit their brand logo.

14. Link-8 Security

Link-8 Security sme eCommerce websites created by Verz Design

Website link: http://www.link8security.com/

Link-8 Security is your specialist for all things security. They offer security, safety and investigative services to their clients. Most of all, they take pride in their dedication and excellence. The designing process for Link-8 Security’s website followed the red and grey colours that their logo provided. Following this, we’ve also ensured that their website strictly follows their preferred image.

15. For Outdoors

For Outdoors sme eCommerce websites created by Verz Design

For Outdoors is a standard eCommerce website offering their specialised products and services for outdoor use. These include snowboarding gear, guided tours and customised boot-fitting, among others. To properly appeal to their target market, we’ve designed their website with a modern aesthetic. As a result, this keeps their layout neat as well.

Solidify your online presence with your own SME eCommerce website

An eCommerce website is one of the best ways to gain a foothold on the online market. With Verz Design’s decade-long experience in handling this industry, you can rest assured that your business is in safe hands. Additionally, the availability of the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) will allow our clients to reduce costs in setting up SME eCommerce websites!

Planning your own eCommerce website that will suit your business’ needs? Verz Design is here for you! Give us a ring at 6841 1680 or email us at [email protected]. Your first consultation is free!

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