Show, Don’t Tell: Top 6 Benefits of using Animated Videos for your Business

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24 Aug 2015


In today’s world, where technology has been evolving continuously over the years, people are hungry for information and they want it pronto. There have been numerous attempts of businesses marketing a certain product or service in a creative yet informative way with no luck, and so here’s a secret we’d like to share to you:  Animated Video Production.

With Animation, the power of your endless imagination and creativity come together into building a profitable and informative marketing tool that can work well for your business! It also gives you the power to jumpstart your advertising by visually demonstrating and communicating what you are selling through means of the Animation medium. Explanations come in fast with this tool for it can be direct to the point, assuring that viewer interest is sparked. Furthermore, it can also be customized in accordance to your target market demographic. These Animated Videos are an excellent way to upgrade your online visibility and exhibit your brand personality for the people get to hear your voice and connect with you, before even meeting you. Most importantly, you can deploy these videos to subtly work their way in making brands memorable.

6 Benefits of Animation as Your Marketing Tool


Increase Conversion Rates

These videos can easily impart your product’s main strengths, core values and can also elicit emotions that may factor in the decision-making process of the viewers.  As these videos can be easily viewed, liked and shared, exposure is expanded. This will lead to the opportunity to increase web traffic and thus, converting viewers to consumers.


Information Retainment

Statistics say that an average person retains only 20% of what they read, but there is a dramatic increase to 50% in what a person remembers from what they see. Visuals explain more thoroughly the message that the brand wants to convey, making it easier for the viewers to remember the information that they’ve seen in the video. In addition to that, when these Animation Videos create emotion that brings about that personal connection, chances are, the video they’ve just watched will stick in their minds.


Clarity in the Objective

Let’s be real: texts can sometimes be dragging, tricky and can be easily misinterpreted especially when describing a certain product or service, but with visuals, explanations are thoroughly on point. The guessing game and long explanation time with these texts are eliminated out of the equation and the Animated Video helps in giving a better understanding of the key points in the topic being discussed. People tend to trust more what they see for themselves and with these videos, a stronger connection between the company and consumer is developed. Wouldn’t you rather show your audience the possibilities of the product/service you are selling rather than handing out a piece of paper that they would most likely ignore?


No Limitations

If you can envision it, then anything is possible with Animation. All those convoluted instructions and long, dragging explanations can be thoroughly presented with computer-generated Animation. May it be virtual tours or a graphic and technical presentation of a product, anything that you can visualize can turn into reality with Animated Video Production. The barrier between dreams and reality is set aside for your only limitation is the capacity of your imagination.


Better Ranking in Google Search

As Statistics say that websites only get 8 seconds to make that first good impression on a customer, long texts and heavy images tend to scare away viewers. People want their information in the palm of their hands in a snap and animation videos give them just that. Attention is immediately grasped and precious time is saved.


Manifests Brand Personality

By using videos to market your business, you are creating a medium that enables your viewers to see your brand for what it really is. Aside from that, these Animated Videos with well-written script(s) and engaging visuals scream personality and instantly catches the viewer’s attention. Your brand has to connect with its viewers for them to become potential customers and for that to happen, you must first establish your brand’s likeable and trust-worthy personality.

Animated Video Production has been emerging as an effective marketing tool for you can not only post them to your website, but you can also post them in various social networking sites, making it easily shareable and expanding its exposure to its viewers. Animated Video Marketing is an essential add-on to your marketing mix to improve your online presence and to establish more memorable brands. Lucky for you, Verz Design – the No. 1 Web Development Agency in Singapore provides end-to-end Animated Video Production, along with our other list of services in brand marketing.

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