SEO-Friendly Shopping Cart for eCommerce

By: Beatrice Raphaella Aranton


12 Jan 2023

SEO-Friendly Shopping Cart for eCommerce

Nowadays, customers demand a flawless purchasing experience as online buying continues to gain popularity. The main goal of the company is to provide the best shopping experience to the consumer, which is feasible with shopping cart optimization. Most of the time, improving the shopping cart also improves the checkout experience, which increases the number of repeat customers and attracts new ones. Consequently, consider shopping cart SEO first when deciding to enhance conversion.

5 eCommerce SEO Strategies To Make Shopping Cart SEO Friendly

There are numerous ways you can optimize your eCommerce shopping cart to improve user experience. But, here are the 5 sure-fire ways you can do to create the most SEO-friendly shopping cart!

Create SEO friendly URLs

Create SEO friendly URLs

One of the ways you can improve eCommerce website sales is ensure that the URLs you use are relevant. They shouldn’t contain terms with functions like “a,” “of,” “the,” etc. In 99.9% of circumstances, these words do nothing to improve the quality of your URL. Remove all verbs from your URLs, if you can. You don’t need to include words like “are” or “have” in your URL to make it obvious what the page is about.

Even though you want to keep your URL focused, make sure it is still understandable so that people know what to expect when they click on it. To divide words in your slug, use hyphens. Avoid using underscores, spaces, or any other special characters when doing this. Although there isn’t exactly a perfect length for your URLs, we do advise keeping them as brief as possible.

Ensure no duplicate content

Ensure no duplicate content

Duplicate content is online information that exists across several URLs. Search engines are unable to determine which URL to rank higher in the search results because multiple URLs have the same content. As a result, they can give preference to other websites and rank both URLs lower. Your rankings will suffer if you use duplicate content. Search engines won’t at the very least know which page to recommend to users.

All of the pages that those search engines consider duplicates run the risk of being ranked lower as a result. The best-case situation is that. You may even be subject to a manual action by Google if your duplicate content problems are severe, such as when you have very little material paired with content that is verbatim copied. Therefore, it’s crucial to make sure that each page offers a sufficient amount of unique information if you want your content to rank.

Do keyword research

Do keyword research

Keyword study is a component of SEO (search engine optimization). It entails making the work necessary to produce a lengthy list of keywords for which a website needs to be rated. Website owners must research their target market and search engines to find such a list. It’s important to undertake in-depth keyword research because it will show you the search terms that members of your audience use.

You’ll probably realize that optimizing for terms that people don’t use doesn’t make much sense. By using the same phrases as your target audience, thorough keyword research ensures that your website optimization efforts are significantly more worthwhile. Additionally, you can learn precisely what your audience is looking for by examining search intent. The answers to these queries should be of the highest caliber.

Check your website’s on-page SEO

Check your website's on-page SEO

When creating your on-page SEO, there are several things in your SEO checklist to take into account. Your result will have a greater CTR and place higher in SERPs if it has meta descriptions. A meta description is a brief text passage that serves as the finest summary of the information on your website. The page title with the main keyword is the best. The title tags are among the things that visitors to your e-commerce website read in order to understand the purpose of your web page and link it to the search query.

Including images in your website’s content makes the information easier to interpret. In addition to this, including photos in your web content greatly improves your placement in SERPs. Make sure the keyword appears in the file name, title, and alt text of your images.

Build high-quality links

Build high-quality links

Link building is crucial for SEO. It should therefore unquestionably be a component of your SEO strategy, because it can increase your website’s traffic and draw in new visitors. First and foremost, a good link brings visitors to your website. Having quality links will aid in increasing (referral) traffic to your website. As you plan your link-building approach, try to keep in mind that links were made to lead readers from the page they are currently reading to other pages they may also find interesting. You should thus utilize link building as a tactic to target the appropriate audience and concentrate on obtaining links from websites that will genuinely drive traffic to your own website.

Get the Best Shopping Cart SEO Hacks for eCommerce with Verz Design

The process of making a shopping cart SEO-friendly is easier said than done. If you are new to the eCommerce sector and have only recently started using SEO, it could be more difficult. With Verz Design, you can request for a PSG eCommerce web solution and design the greatest SEO-friendly shopping cart! Verz Design is a reputable Singaporean web development firm that can assist you in customizing your eCommerce stores. With these tried-and-tested tips to SEO optimize your shopping cart, updating your store can be simple and hassle-free. Call 6841 1680 or contact [email protected] today for a free consultation!

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