Seven Ways to Improve Your Conversion Rate

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“Conversion rates” are the elusive yet coveted goal for any business. A conversion occurs when a visitor not only drops by your website, but also creates an action that you want them to take. Conversions aren’t confined to a visitor making purchases. Typical conversions include any decisive action of significance such as visitors sending in an enquiry, joining your mailing list or registering an account. A good marketer knows that Conversation Rate Optimization (CRO) is a progressive task that should be taken seriously by means of coming up with new strategies and tools to improve the performance of your website.

Here are seven ways you can boost your website’s conversion rate!

Determine Your Unique Selling Proposition

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What makes your product(s) special? What sets you apart from competitors? Why should they choose you? This is the most important aspect in marketing that can have a massive impact on your conversion rate.

Integrate professional copywriting onto your website to ensure that your unique sellingproposition is communicated clearly and with language that is engaging and designed to drive customer action.

Improve Your Banner Ads

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If you want to boost your click-through rate, know how you can improve your banner ads. There are a lot of viruses disguised as banner ads these days so it’s essential to make sure yours look credible and trust-worthy. Keep the design simple and easy on the eyes. Positioning banner ads next to relevant content will also increase the probability of the ad being clicked.

Don’t forget about the ad copy though! Most business owners assertively seek out professional design for their ads yet stumble when attempting to think of a good slogan or description that complements the graphics. Professional copywriting is equally important in driving conversion rates up through memorable and value-adding taglines. Click here to learn more about Copywriting.

Build Trust Through a Well-Planned Sitemap

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No one would risk buying from a website that doesn’t offer any information about their company aside from their products and services. Work with your web designer to create a clear and detailed sitemap of your site.

Back up your information by offering some proof. Alleviate any doubts by integrating multiple forms of legitimacy onto your website, including a picture gallery, client testimonials, product reviews or even link your website to Social Media pages, which will help build their trust in your brand.

Also, put in your office address so they know where to find you if the urgency insists. Better yet, feature an FAQ that will address their query on the spot! Posting photos of your team of employees and snippets from company events will also humanize your company and give a clear picture of your company’s unique “personality”, which helps in earning your potential customers’ trust. Big plus points if your company has received an SSL certificate, an award, or title. This will show that you have confidence in what you’re selling and that you’re legitimate and credible, as verified by an esteemed and impartial third party accreditation board.

Time is gold and patience is earned these days, so avoid asking unnecessary questions that will eat up your customers’ precious time. No need to ask for their mobile number if they simply want to send an enquiry. Having a well designed enquiry form on your site will get you vital information and earn your business more happy customers.

Catchy and Customized Call-to-Action

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A call-to-action (CTA) is a clear and concise instruction of what you want your visitor to do. It is very important to include these CTAs in every landing page to ensure maximum views and to increase the possibility of turning your website visitors into consumers. In order to achieve that, try as much as possible to make it specific to the type of industry that you are working on using industry-appropriate language. A site in the hotel industry, for example, would be better suited with a “Book your stay!” or “Make your reservations now!” CTA rather than the generic “Call us now!”?

Placing a CTA (or links to your enquiry page) on top of the landing page will also make it easier for the visitors to contact you, saving them from the unwanted treasure hunt of scrolling all the way down to the bottom just so they can give you a call. Also, take note of what colours can do for you. To encourage immediate action, red or orange is your best bet. Yellow catches attention while Green usually means go.

Upgrade to a Responsive Website

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Given that most people nowadays are on their smartphones and tablets 24/7, being mobile-friendly gives your potential customers the ease and convenience to roam around your website at any time of the day and from anywhere. Responsive Websites will give them just that, as the layout of the websites automatically adapts to the reduced dimensions of the mobile device that they’re using, creating a user-friendly experience for all of your customers.

In addition to that, Google has already implemented policy that allots preference and priority to responsive websites, resulting in them having a higher ranking in Google’s search engine results. Find out more about responsive web design here.

Ensure a Fast Loading Website

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What others may not know is that websites with slow performance have a big negative impact on their conversions. We’ve all experienced waiting on a website that takes too long to load; we tend to bail out and look for other options. Slow loading time can be a drag for anyone, especially visitors who need information ASAP. To avoid such misfortune, there are several ways such as reducing the size of your page and optimizing your images (formatting to reduce data size while maintaining visual quality).

Be sure to engage a qualified and tested web developer to ensure optimal site performance. A good way of evaluating potential developers is measuring sites from their portfolios at: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

Choosing a reliable and established web hosting service is also key in minimizing downtime and technical issues. A well connected and well informed web developer should also be help to assist you on getting good hosting.

Explainer Videos Create Personality

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These explainer videos will not only quicken the process of getting information about the product/service that your customers are interested in, but will also reveal your brand’s personality. In addition to that, explanations retain more attention and get more information across when visitors are just watching a video as compared to reading long copies. Learn more about the latest in animated video production here

Conversion Rate Optimization is a continuous marketing effort with tried and tested methods that change over time. Improving your conversion rate is highly important for this is a core foundation element to higher sales. One must remember that what works for one website, doesn’t always work with others. So it’s always best to know and understand how your audience thinks and acts in order to provide them a user-friendly interaction through your websites.

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