4 Important Things You Need To Know On Using Google Places

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Google Places, previously known as Google Local, is an excellent way to create an online listing for your business. Listing a business on Google Places is free, and you do not need to have a website in order to create a listing. Important things to consider and include in your listing include:

•    Appropriate keywords
•    As many suitable categories as possible
•    Lots of pictures and videos
•    Ratings and reviews

The first step to making a listing that will end up on the first page of search results is to do some research. Figuring out what keywords you want to use on your page is crucial to landing in the top results. Studying the results your choice keywords bring up in a Google search is essential to learning whether or not they are useful.

Using every relevant category will get your Google Places listing noticed. Google will assign a particular category to your listing that you are required to use, but adding more will expose your listing to a larger audience of internet searchers. Using your intended keywords as extra category names is also a good way to increase the visibility of your listing. For example, a pet store would be placed in a category labeled as such. Additional categories could be named based on the types of animals you sell, such as birds, cats, dogs, and fish.

Business listings on Google Places are allowed to post ten pictures and five videos. It is wise to take advantage of this. Going the extra mile and posting pictures of the building and items that you sell will show customers that you are serious about promoting your business and will help solidify your reputation. Video testimonials from previous satisfied buyers would be a great addition to your business listing as well. Happy customers are usually willing to tell others of their experience, although they might be a bit shy about doing so on camera. Slideshow videos can also be helpful.

Last but not least, reviews and ratings can help drive people to your business. Picking a website that accepts business reviews and asking your current clients to rate you on it will improve the standing of your Google Places listing in search results. Seeing a review from a real person might move customers to frequent your business when they could have gone elsewhere, as well. Allowing patrons to review your business demonstrates that you welcome their feedback and are committed to providing superior customer service. Always remember that a Google Places listing is never finished. To keep being noticed, it is best to continually update the listing with new pictures, videos, reviews, and keywords.

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