SEO Mini Series – 4 Important Things You Need To Know About Domain Names

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Building a web presence is vital for today’s businesses.  Lacking an internet site can be your company’s downfall, so it is important to set up a website as soon as you can.  When you begin the process, you’ll be faced with purchasing a domain name.  Most people think that there are few good domain names left out there, and while many of the most common (and best) ones were snatched up by clever internet users years ago, there are still plenty of available domains out there for the taking.  Having a website for your business is important, and having the right domain name is as well.  Here are four things you should keep in mind when buying domain names.

1.    Short – Keeping a domain name short and sweet is important.  Depending upon your business’ name, you may be lucky enough to get a domain name that is your company’s name.  But there’s a good chance that you’ll likely need to go beyond that.  Three words or shorter is a good target to shoot for, and if they can tie in with your business name or services, that’s even better.

2.    Simple – Simplicity is another area you’ll need to bear in mind as well.  Having a domain name that your clients or customers can remember is vital.  Don’t remove letters from your business name in an attempt to get a domain, or use strange spellings.  Mibizness.com is a poor substitute for mybusiness.com.  Word of mouth is still important, and people are less likely to hand out your domain name if it’s so complicated they have to spell it out.

3.    Keywords are Key – You’ll get better search engine results if you manage to include some of your keywords in your domain name.  Besttoothbrushes.com or stylishshoesforyou.com, for example.  When someone searches for a toothbrush, you’ll end up higher in the results list if your domain includes that word.  Think about what potential clients will search for in relation to your business, and try to include it in the domain.

4.    Don’t Forget the Other Domains – Don’t settle with your one domain.  If you buy a .com address, get the .net, .org, .biz, and other common domains.  Even think about buying misspelled domains.  If you have purchased mybusiness.com, consider mybusines.com and mbusiness.com simply because people often make mistakes typing URLs, and you can redirect them to your proper site.

Keep these four key elements in mind when you start to buy domain names, and you’ll be sure to enjoy plenty of traffic on your website.

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