Search Engine Marketing – Using Long Tail Keywords

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Long-Tail keywords are more like key phrases.  Instead of typing in a general word, the searcher is using a phrase that is more specific.  This makes their search more specific and eliminates a lot of the general terms that might pull up in a search engine.  This can be of great benefit for a person who is conducting a search.  For those who are using search engines to draw traffic, it can present a way to increase their traffic.

By adding long-tail keywords to your Google keywords, you can generally rank on the first page of a Google search.  This is helpful when you are new and need some way to get around the competition.  It is a well known fact that most searchers will start with websites at the top of the Google search and continue through the first pages.  Generally those on the second and third pages see very little traffic.  By using a long-tail keyword the person has fewer choices and this means that the chances of your website being one of those they look at increases.

Not only is it helpful in getting your website out to users who will access it, but studies have shown that persons who use long-tail keywords are more inclined to purchase goods and services since the website they have come to is generally what they had in mind. With a short keyword many times the webpages that come up are too broad and do not have the specific information that the user is looking for.  Users spend much time going through pages that are about the topic they desired but not the specific issue they are looking for.  A long-tail keyword helps to narrow down what the user is looking for and this means that when they arrive at your website they are generally interested in what you have to offer.

The use of long-tail keywords will also help in reducing the cost of your advertising.  By using more specific terms, you will pay less per click and the persons that actually come to your website will be more prone to purchase the service or goods you offer.  This can help tremendously in reducing your advertising dollars.  Many times it is necessary to bid for popular keywords and in the end even though people are clicking on the ads, they aren’t finding what they need.  This results in a lot of expense on clicks that yielded little in the way of business.  In the end, a business really wants customers, not traffic and with long-tail keywords they are more prone to achieve that.

Using Long Tail Keywords is one of the techniques for our Search Engine Marketing services. If you are not familiar with the term Search Engine Marketing, be sure to read my article on Search Engine Marketing.

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