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*Terms and conditions apply.

    What is SEM?

    Search Engine Marketing (SEM), also known as Pay-Per-Click advertising, is a digital advertising channel where businesses run ads on search engine platforms such as Google.

    The greatest strength of SEM is that the advertisements target customers who are motivated and ready to make a purchase.

    Our team of SEM experts provide these services for your SEM campaign:

    • Keyword & Competitor Research
    • Creative Ad Copies & Designs
    • Landing Page Development
    • A/B Testing
    • On-page Optimization
    • Click-fraud Prevention
    • Conversion and Contact Form Tracking
    • Retargeting
    What ‘Really’ is Digital Marketing?

    Invest Once and Generate a Cycle of Continuous Leads at No Cost! Digital Marketing?

    With a startup advertising budget invested into SEM, this will give your website more qualified visitors. A certain percentage of these visitors will enquire about your products and services.

    From there, a portion of enquiries will become sales and earn you money. And the sales revenue earned gets reinvested into your advertising budget. The cycle of profitable advertising continues and grows.

    What Is A Landing Page & Why Is It Important?

    A landing page is the page that users ‘land on’ after clicking your ads on search engines. This is the page that speaks to your clients as you persuade them to enquire more about your products or services.

    Many businesses direct users to their website’s homepage without realising that these users might have trouble finding exactly what they are looking for.

    Landing pages on, the other hand, are specific and focused. Designed for buyers to browse through without distractions, they are conversion-driven and the most important part of your SEM campaign.

    We are super believers in landing pages.
    Just look at our landing page: if you’re reading it, it’s effective.

    Why Choose Verz Design?

    Experience-driven strategies.

    Our SEM experts analyse your campaign with proven strategies and do constant A/B testing so that you get a higher return on your investment. With over 10 years of experience, surely we know what we are talking about.

    Guaranteed results in 90 days.

    We pride ourselves on delivering guaranteed results with a high degree of excellence. In fact, if you are able to find other specialists that provide your listed targets at a lower rate, we will give you a full refund of your management fees. *T & Cs apply.

    Optimized landing page development.

    Our committed team of designers, copywriters and SEM experts will build your landing page with high-quality, original content. We will optimize your page to be closely related to the keywords that your target audience is searching for.

    Regular on-page optimization for your website.

    Every 6 months, we conduct on-page optimization for you to ensure maximum usability and visibility of your website. From your website’s meta-tags to loading speed, we got you covered.

    Fraudulent click prevention system.

    We designed a click fraud system to stop invalid clicks that waste money and to create more genuine leads and customers. We recorded a 50% increase in web page browsing and over $1000 in estimated cost-savings! Imagine what we could do for you.

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    Our Clients

    We have helped various industries such as Automobile, eCommerce Retail, Education, Food & Beverage, Engineering and Professional Services in Law and Medicine to achieve a strong online presence.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    More than 90% of searches are happening on Google. By focusing SEM efforts solely on Google, we save you the time and effort of running SEM campaigns on other search engines which will give you lower returns. This also gives you the bonus of lower management fees as we concentrate only on Google!

    Landing Pages are proven to have lower Cost Per Clicks and higher conversion rates. This means that you save on advertising costs and generate more enquiries in the long run. Please set up a no-obligation meeting with our team to learn more about our research done on this.

    No, as we are a full-fledged digital marketing agency and we understand that a website might take a longer time to get completed. As such, our team can easily kickstart your SEM campaign with a landing page for you within the week. Talk to us to find out more.

    Yes, we don’t have a problem setting up SEM services for your existing website. However, we highly recommend building a landing page for a lower CPC and higher conversions before proceeding with your campaign.

    It’s simple: if you can find another company that delivers the same services to you at a lower management fee, we will refund you the management fee you previously paid to us. If you’re intrigued, feel free to set up a chat with our SEM experts to find out more about our guarantee.

    It takes one to two weeks to set up your ads and send them to Google for approval. Once Google approves your ads (around 1 business day), your ads will go live!

    Our in-house click fraud prevention system eliminates this possibility by blocking the IP addresses of your competitors. We will also set thresholds for clicks on your ads to block out the bots/competitors who click on your ads on purpose.

    SEM creates effective and targeted advertising campaigns while SEO is an organic listing strategy. Both work hand-in-hand to increase traffic to your website. SEM has instant and scalable results while SEO takes longer to rank your website on search engine pages. To find out which is more suitable for you, please contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

    Google’s Display Network allows you to reach over 90% of internet users worldwide. Speak to our SEM experts if you would like your ads to reach a wide range of users!

    When people click on your ads and browse through your website without submitting an enquiry or making a purchase, our SEM experts can retarget this pool of potential customers and deliver customised ads after they have left your website. This technique known as remarketing creates top-of-mind brand awareness and increases the chance of them revisiting your website in the future.

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