Returning to Roots: Verz Design on the Move

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14 Oct 2016

The month of September marked many milestones for us, with the addition of new members to the team, as well as changes to our logo and slogan. But most of all, we explored the notion of ‘returning to our roots’, in which we left our quarters at UB.One, and embraced our heritage at our new home. 

Our story opens in 2009, when we explored various options in the Macpherson area for an office. Starting out as a 3-man team (how we’ve grown!), the requirements were few: an internet connection, a space for 3 computers, and a reasonable amount of comfort.

Thus we settled for a 150 square-foot office, which probably is equal to the size of a very small and compact dining room. At 2 Kallang Pudding Road (Mactech Industrial Building), a humble space for three creatives, the company Verz Design was born.

Golden Wheel edit

From here, we shifted within a year to another building at 41 Kallang Pudding, perhaps a hint to where we would be the most comfortable.

As the team expanded from 2012 to 2016, we grew from strength to strength. The time came for us to display our capabilities as a web development agency, and with that came the need for a space to play host to clients. This was where we seized the opportunity to take two spaces in UB.One, at 81 Ubi Ave 4 – one office (1184 sq ft) to conduct our operations, and eventually another office (926 sq ft) for our sales representatives.




They were places we grew to be comfortable in, and each member of the team grew to love our neat little cubicles where we could leave our flip-flops, as we felt at home and at ease.

Within a 10-minute walk to the nearest train station, UB.One was also strategically located in a hub of small start-ups and entrepreneurial businesses; It was much like paying homage to our beginnings.

However, everyone has to embrace change. As the old adage goes: “Change is the only constant”, and so is our ambition for growth and our driving force towards excellence.


Pic 4


On the 23rd of September 2016, we accomplished yet another milestone: the move back to Kallang Pudding Road, where it all began. But this time, we were more than a family of three, and our office was a splendid surprise.

Splashed with colours of our company, the bright new walls instantly became a sanctuary for our creative minds. Yellow, white, black with a hint of orange – our environment speaks of our dynamic change from our humble origins.

As we sit here in Kallang Pudding Road with beautiful and inspirational quotes around us, we can’t help but reflect on our long journey (and back) to excellence.



Rest Area



We are always grateful to our clients for being a part of our growing experience. And what better way to show them our appreciation than with a buffet spread?

Clients, old and new, gathered for our launch party as we celebrated our latest milestone together. With steaming scrumptious food, a big toast, and caricatures for everyone, we all had a blast!






And while nostalgia is bitter sweet, we are always looking forwards to a bigger and brighter future; we don’t intend to stop challenging ourselves. Sure, this office looks amazing, but in a few years, who knows what our next office will be or how far we could go?



When people ask us the recipe to our success, we would say that our secret ingredient is nothing but excellence. And if you are looking for anything short of that, look elsewhere – because we certainly can’t bring ourselves to deliver anything less.

So here’s to more changes, more colourful walls, and more experiences.

Hello Kallang Pudding, guess who’s home?

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