PSG ECOMMERCE SERIES: how Valiant auto grooming offers customers greater convenience and transparency online

By: Vienna D’Cruz

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12 Oct 2021

PSG eCommerce stories: how valiant auto grooming builds its brand online - Verz Design

This year, Valiant seized the opportunity to tap on the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) eCommerce web solution to bring their brand online. As a mobile service, Valiant can build greater brand awareness by targeting a wider audience of potential customers online. By creating an eCommerce website, Valiant customers can easily and conveniently purchase packages online using a credit card to accumulate points.

It’s a known fact, cars in Singapore are more expensive than anywhere else in the world. For the amount we pay for our cars, it is vital we take care of it. Having a well-groomed car leaves a memorable impression on everyone that sees it. As we continue to ride out the Covid-19 pandemic, the cleanliness of your cars’ interior is equally important to the polished exterior. Valiant Auto Grooming is the trusted premium mobile auto grooming service provider in Singapore. 

We (virtually) chatted with Valiant to find out why a professional car grooming service provider decided to choose our Magento web design package and how it has improved their overall operations and brand-building efforts.

1. Why did your company decide to go digital?

Why did your company decide to go digital?

Going digital is the way of the future. It brings convenience to customers. Sales figures and invoices are generated automatically and this helps with the process of accounting for SME business owners without having to engage an accountant.  

2. What are the USPs of your services?

What are the USPs of your services?

We add value by using quality products to help get your car in the best condition possible. Our professional auto grooming services are unlike others on the market. We are a mobile business. 

This sets us apart from other car grooming service providers that require you to drive to their respective locations or shops to engage their services. We come directly to you! For a mobile business, we arrive as a pair to work on your vehicle as compared to other mobile car grooming services who usually work alone. 

By working together, we can get your car ready faster and both of us will perform quality checks! In this way, we strive to provide better value, differentiation and professionalism in the auto grooming business.

3. What are your most notable achievements? 

What are your most notable achievements?

We have become a member of the International Detailing Association and a partner of Sonax Singapore.  Sonax is a renowned German detailing brand that produces good quality products that last. We are always looking for new ways to improve our business and give our customers the best service possible.

4. Have your sales increased since going digital?

Have your sales increased since going digital?

Sales have picked up after going digital. We believe it is because our website clearly displays the price of our services. By making the pricing more transparent, it builds trust between us and new customers and they are more inclined to give our services a try. 

With our new eCommerce website, we also accept a variety of flexible payment methods. Our customers can check out and pay with credit cards and by doing so they can earn credit card points at the same time.

5. Please share details on your most well-received, popular products 

Please share details on your most well-received, popular products

The polishing package and car spa package are the most well-received by customers. The polishing package caters to a diverse group of clients.  It is ideal for vehicle owners interested in regular maintenance cleaning as well as deep cleaning and protecting the interior and exterior of your vehicle. 

Our full steam cleaning and fabric/carpet cleaning prevents germs, allergens and mites. We believe a clean and well-maintained car helps you feel good and stay safe on the roads.

Our spa package adds a layer of shine and added protection to our client’s paintwork so that it lasts longer. High-quality sealants are used to maintain the lustre of our clients’ cars and we find this is more beneficial than regular waxing. We also offer flexible add ons such as for microbial and pest control fogging.

6. How has your company benefited from going digital?

How has your company benefited from going digital?

It is beneficial because clients can browse our products and services at their own time outside of our operating hours. Furthermore, we have all the information regarding all our services on our website so we can direct each client to the information they are looking for online whether they are looking for general car maintenance, polishing or upholstery cleaning. An added bonus is that revenue, sales and invoicing are all automated.    

7. Any advice for newer companies that are just starting out?

Any advice for newer companies that are just starting out?

Going digital adds value for the customers and provides a more professional image. This helps the first time customers build trust. Having a website also helps organise things better and makes admin work faster and easier to manage especially for SMEs working with a smaller team.   

8. What did you consider before choosing a vendor or the PSG ecommerce platform?

What did you consider before choosing a vendor or the PSG ecommerce platform?

My considerations include having a good project manager with a strong team to put everything together as well as being able to relate to the business I’m in. A trustworthy company that won’t fold overnight and are creative and punctual. A solid and trustworthy system like Magento provides the eCommerce support I need. When I need their assistance, they are just a call or text away.  

9. Without PSG eCommerce funding support, would you still have built the site?

Without PSG eCommerce funding support, would you still have built the site?

I might have but maybe I would have spent less on the website and hence it might have not turned out very well. I may not have gotten the full spectrum of services from the vendor.

10. How did you find the application process for the PSG?

Mostly smooth as Verz Design guided me through the process. But there were some delays on the PSG end. Otherwise, everything was smooth and easy, eventually getting paid the 80% grant amount for my PSG eCommerce website. 

11. What is the one “feature” that you enjoy most from your eCommerce backend?

What is the one "feature" that you enjoy most from your eCommerce backend?

Editing what I need to change is done conveniently and immediately. I find the interface very user-friendly.  Configuring payment methods, changing information and editing is clear and straightforward on Magento. I feel empowered being able to manage all these steps on my own.  

As experienced professionals, Valiant offers superior workmanship and places great importance on the quality of their car grooming services. Their knowledge of the industry is reflected in their perfectly customised packages ranging from extensive detailing and grooming to regular maintenance depending on the needs of their customer. Each package offers high value for money and convenience to customers who are always on the go.

Thank you Valiant Auto Grooming for participating in our interview series! We wish you continued success in the future.

View the Valiant Auto Grooming,  mobile auto grooming service provider website designed by Verz Design.

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