PSG eCommerce Series: How Dashmesh Top Food Supplier Adapts with Web Development Solutions

By: Vienna D’Cruz


23 Sep 2021

How Dashmesh, top food supplier adapts with web development solutions? - Verz Design

In Singapore, we are blessed to have a vibrant and thriving multicultural food scene. What sustains our ever-growing demand for good and inexpensive food is our ability to access high-quality and authentic ingredients at competitive prices. Dashmesh is an award-winning food distributor of non-perishable South Asian food products in Singapore and beyond. They have been offering high-quality products at the most affordable prices since 1985. This homegrown SME has consistently achieved the SME 500/1000 Awards and 2021 was no exception. This year, in the spirit of embracing web development solutions to stay ahead of the curve, Dashmesh capitalised on the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) and embarked on their ecommerce web development with Verz Design. 

We (virtually) sat down with Dashmesh to find out more about what led them to engage an eCommerce web designer, what has their experience been like and how has their new, professionally designed eCommerce website helped their business. 

1. Why did Dashmesh decide to embark on web development?

Why Dashmesh decide to go digital?

We wanted to tap into online channels to reach out to our business partners. By updating our website, we are better able to showcase our wide array of items and more importantly provide visitors with a better understanding of our company, services and team. The site also serves as a perfect medium to synchronize our social media platforms.

2. Has your traffic increased since going digital?

Has your traffic increased since going digital?

There has been increased interest in our products. We receive enquiries from various customers, be it households, supermarkets or large corporations. Going digital also allows new suppliers to reach out to us, allowing us to expand our product range.

3. How has your company benefited from going digital?

How has your company benefited from going digital?

Since going digital, we have successfully become more visible to potential partners. New customers can now discover our products via this online channel, without which they would not have known about us. 

The newly designed eCommerce website also serves as the perfect platform to showcase our team, awards and products in an organized manner. Also, having an online presence allows overseas suppliers and customers to connect with us more effectively. 

4. Any advice for newer companies that are just starting out?

Any advice for newer companies that are just starting out?

Patience. In the beginning, it may take time to gain traction and viewership. Eventually, you will be able to build upon initial successes to reach greater heights. The online digital space is a continuously changing one and it is key to keep on top of recent developments.

5. Please share with us your most well-received and popular products.

Please share with us your most well-received and popular products.

The most popular item on our eCommerce website is the Temasek Gold Basmati Rice, which is certified to be Low in Glycemic Index (GI). Being also low in fats and with zero cholesterol, Temasek Gold Basmati Rice is the go-to brand for a healthier option. With pack sizes from 1kg to 25kg, it is perfect for both households and businesses.

Our Malika Range of Lentils, Nuts and Spices provides an umbrella brand for all ethnic product needs. With Malika, premium quality is guaranteed because we carefully source high-quality products from around the world.

We are also proud to be the appointed distributor of Amul. With an extensive range of dairy items from UHT milk to chocolates, there is always something for everyone with Amul! 

Thank you Dashmesh for participating in our interview series! We wish you continued success in the future.

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