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Custom Programming / Web Application

The True Sign Of Intelligence Is Not Knowledge,
But Imagination.

- Albert Einstein

As the web evolves and matures, more and more companies are viewing their web sites not just as marketing materials, but as business tools and solutions. Websites can be programmed to satisfy a wide range of needs, from weekly email notification to digital invoices and integration with customer relationship management system or POS. While off-the-shelf software can partly achieve your objectives, there are limitations to their performance as every business requirements tend to be unique.

That’s where custom web applications come in. They work exactly the way you want them to. If you have a unique idea to help you achieve your online business objectives, we can create a custom web application to bring that idea to life in a technical, functional manner.

We specialized in custom programming using PHP, which is the most popular language in terms of web development. Whether you are looking to develop a product management and tracking system, a robust content management solution, a customized eCommerce environment or anything you can imagine, we are able to create a solution tailored to your requirements.

Custom Programming in Singapore: If you can think it, we can code it.

Being exponentially more complex and vast than simple web design, it is an absolute essential that Custom Programming be conducted by seasoned professionals.

At Verz Design, we build upon our years of experience to continually push the envelope of what we can achieve through I.T.. Our established place in the industry makes us perceptive of common needs and issues customers may encounter on your site, even those you haven’t yet anticipated.

We have established a reliable network of professionals who will work towards the success of your business. In particular, a Project Manager and Business Analyst will be assigned to work in tandem for your project. They are backed by a support team comprising of our Designer, HTML Coder, PHP Programmer or Developer and QA & Tester. As evidenced by this dense network of of expertise required, Custom Programming requires advanced training and formal experience. There simply isn’t a “shortcut” substitute for Verz Design’s depth of industry experience when it comes to meeting the intense requirements of Custom Programming.

How Verz Design Will Meet Your Custom Needs

  • Kick-off meeting with Project Manager
  • Project specifications and documentation
  • Business analysis and consultation
  • Wireframe and user interface
  • Customized & Professional Web Design
  • HTML implementation and review
  • Agile Development & Custom Development
  • Quality assurance testing

Check out our portfolio to view the docket of clients our team has successfully helped in bringing their vision to reality!

In addition, we have built a suite of Custom Solutions which can be efficiently tailored to fulfill your precise requirements. The growing list of Custom Solutions offered by Verz includes:

Place your pivotal custom needs in the hands of reliable professionals.