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Copywriting / Content Development


Copywriting / Content Development


A sumptuous dinner can only be cooked up with the freshest ingredients.

That is the importance of good content in your website.

Sure, you might have a snazzy looking website that looks professional and ready to impress. But did you know that a website’s success is also equally as dependent on its content?


Verz makes your content pop!

The truth is, there is more than meets the eye.

Not many web development agencies offer copywriting services such as ours for your website. Even fewer agencies understand the need to craft content that is both compelling and convincing.

But our copywriters are trained in making your web content work for you, weaving all the requirements of quality content as well as a good grasp of your business together, to create a website that sounds as good as it looks.

Apart from the outstanding quality of our work, we also adopt several good practices in our copywriting:

cw-3 Construction of drafts with ability to make amendments for your satisfaction
cw-4 Research on your competitors to give you an edge over them
cw-5 Engaging taglines constructed to market your business for your website banners
cw-6 Use of quotes, slogans in large, visible formats to increase the uniqueness factor of your website
cw-7 On-page linking between different pages to lead your visitors throughout the website
cw-8 A personalized “Thank You” page and auto-reply email for submitted queries on the “Contact Us” page
cw-9 A customized “call-to-action” text to convert your visitors into queries
cw-10 Including instructions to designers/programmers for attractive presentation and organisation of content
We monitor the web for the newest and most effective ways to market your content. Coupled with our years of experience in web copywriting, Verz gives your website a fresh treatment with great content, something you won’t get anywhere else.

Our Abilities:

  1. Web Content
    The digital age brings about a short attention span in visitors, and website content becomes paramount. Content development takes up an important role in the construction of the website, to bring your business to the next level in the rapidly evolving digital age.
  2. Taglines and Names
    Taglines are catchphrases that capture the essence of your business in a few words, and simultaneously garners attention right from the start. It is a simple way to sieve through the dozens of visitors and target the people who really matter.
  3. Blogging
    Blogs are a great option for businesses to produce unique content, at regular intervals to keep their website fresh and engaging. It is a good way to gain an audience following.
  4. Marketing Collateral
    From flyers and brochures to annual reports and posters, marketing collateral are promotional materials that boost awareness of your company outside of the digital sphere.
  5. Packaging Copy
    Packaging is everything – it is the aesthetics that people see before they engage with its contents. The packaging is also an opportunity to construct a brand identity for your business.
  6. Animated Video Scripts
    When words alone don’t do the trick, moving images will help to illustrate your points better. When words go together with pictures, they help to elaborate ideas more effectively and efficiently.
  7. SEO Content
    Your website receives the visibility it deserves with a solid foundation in Search Engine Optimization. Your search engine rankings are optimized when backed by quality content that is unique, engaging and fresh.
  8. Social Media
    Social media is the biggest thing that spreads ideas as quickly as it sells products. With a solid foundation in social media management, your business can take advantage of the opportunity to engage your visitors in real-time, and boost your visibility.
Take a look at some of our worksTake a look at some of our works

Giant Singapore

To Our Customers

We promise:

  • The freshest quality. Giant buys fresh seasonal produce directly from the source.
  • The best value in Singapore. Make sure to check our weekly Dare to Compare promotions for our most daring offers.
  • The convenience of easy accessibility. Giant has 60 stores spread across Singapore, with many operating 24 hours a day, 7 weeks a week – and an online store that lets you shop anytime, anywhere.

To Our Staff

We promise:

  • A working environment built on openness, trust and diversity.
  • A rewarding career progression that promotes talent and inspires excellence.
  • A strong belief in investing in comprehensive training for all members.

To Our Community

We promise:

  • To deliver on our promises of quality and value
  • To give back to the community
  • To support our environment
  • To foster a strong corporate social responsibility programme within Giant, headed by our parent company, Dairy Farm.

Seoul Yummy

"Through our dishes, we are able to give people a taste of Korea.

A lot of the ingredients and spices that we use in preparing our food are imported from Korea itself, giving it that rich and appetizing flavor that the country is known for. We are proud to have master chef Kim Sang Ho with us, sharing his years of experience and expertise in Korean food with the rest of our chefs, staff, and customers.

Our menu consists of a wide variety of Korean appetizers, main courses, desserts, and beverages that you can mix and match. At SEOUL YUMMY, we give you the option to create your own meal set or combo based on what attracts your taste buds the most. While other Korean restaurants offer food in huge portions and at expensive prices, we offer authentic Korean dishes in satisfying portions at just the right prices – giving you more value for your money and allowing you to enjoy more of our cooking.

But there’s more to us than just great food.

We are also patronized because of our impeccable customer service. Our staff is friendly and courteous, helping you to feel at home in our humble establishment. We make sure that all your requests are attended to at a fast pace. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet meal with family, sealing a business deal with some executives, hanging out with friends, or simply having some alone time – SEOUL YUMMY is the place to be."

Private Wealth Association

"Building the private wealth hub of Asia"

"Your portal to business and investment opportunities"

"Even within the region, Singapore is set to snag the spot as Asia’s Wealthy Hub from Tokyo in less than a decade, as the dynamic and fast-paced financial centre in Asia is said to potentially hold the most Ultra High Net Worth Individuals in 2023.

Thus began our pursuits in creating the Private Wealth Association, where we invite High Net Worth Individuals, Family Offices, industry professionals and experts alike to explore a professional network of:

  • People
  • Knowledge
  • Resources

The Private Wealth Association operates within a circle of trust, laying bricks upon the foundations of reputation and professional conduct. Within these parameters, together with the vast knowledge put together by experts in their own right from the industry, the Private Wealth Association formed with one goal in mind: to build the private wealth hub of Asia."

Owl International

“Combining heritage and progress, OWL coffee takes great pride in our strong tradition and history in coffee making. We constantly craft new blends to entice various taste profiles whilst preserving our commitment to the authentic essence of Straits Asian coffee culture.

Through the masterful hands of coffee experts, OWL has created time-tested recipes that exemplify the fine art of roasting and blending rich flavours and aromas.

Each cup of OWL coffee goes through a thorough process that begins from the selection of coffee beans, to the final stage of packaging of the final product. It is a process that ensures each OWL product is filled with incomparable flavour, body and taste.

With the expertise and experience in coffee roasting and an in-depth understanding of the market’s tastes and preferences, every cup of OWL coffee is specially crafted for maximum enjoyment.”

Gakken Asia

"HidetoFuruoka – founder of Gakken and educator – worked on a conviction of a sincere appreciation and gratitude to society. His motivating factor comes from his mother’s selfless love and family devotion in raising him under extreme conditions of poverty."

“The corporate spirit of Gakken is to embrace the "Creative Challenge", and it is upheld by three pillars of foundation:

To know:
Focusing on the future and maintaining a broad view of opportunities acquired through an understanding of existing markets and customers

To challenge:
With a firm and swift conviction, always keeping sight of the higher goals

To create:
Creating new values which have free and innovative ideas."

What our clients have to say about our copywriting service:


“Amendments and changes were done quickly and accurately. Impressed with the copy provided, process was done smoothly.”

- Nabilah Ahmad,
Southern Globe Corporation Pte Ltd


“Mark was very professional throughout the entire copywriting process. Although he has no experience in the educational/toy business, he made the extra effort to read up and understand the entire process and products that our company offered. He even went the extra mile to engage a friend in translating some Japanese text into English. He was clear in explaining the next steps forward. Mark is a definite asset to your organization! Keep it up.”

- Andrew,
Gakken Asia


“Mark is not only an excellent copywriter, he is also extremely good at managing the client. I’m very happy I had the chance to work with him.”

- Giulia Ianucci,
Private Wealth Association


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