Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.

– Henry Ford

Your capabilities are limited by your own imagination, and with the Capability Development Grant (CDG) there’s nothing stopping you from achieving your dream.

The CGD is a government grant aimed at helping SMEs adopt capability boosting initiatives. It supports capabilities growth along 10 areas, tailored to the SME’s unique requirements and stage of development.

At Verz Design we undertake projects along the following 3 areas of Capability Development covered by CDG – Brand & Marketing Strategy Development, Technology Innovation & Business Strategy.

If the following describes your business,
you are eligible to claim CDG!

Registered and operating in Singapore

Minimum 30% Singapore shareholding

Group annual sales turnover of under SGD 100Million OR total employees of under 200.

What our clients are saying

“Great Company to work with, swift response, quality work, friendly staff and reasonable pricing!”

Zou Suyang
SY International Holding Pte Ltd