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Animated Video Production

Animation offers a medium of storytelling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world.

- Walt Disney

Why Use Video?

65% of the population most readily absorb information that is presented visually. This means adding video media is more effective than plain text in allowing web visitors to get the best understanding of your product or service. Embedding video(s) on your site is a competitive advantage which translates to professional success in a myriad of ways.

How Animated Videos Will Grow Your Business

Differentiate Your Brand
All of your competitors have a text explanation of products on their websites. Make your brand stand a cut above the rest as engaging, modern and, above all…memorable by presenting your business innovatively through animated video.

Increase Conversion Rates
Videos are a fun and efficient way to convey your core message to visitors. They are often emotionally captivating, leaving users feeling a personal connection to your company. Increased understanding and likeability of your business are key in converting traffic into customers.

Foster Customer Education
Explainer videos are a great way reduce the effort spent educating customers about how your products are crucial to their needs. They are especially useful for relaying key info about new products or niche services which often entails a huge effort in educating customers.

Higher Search Engine Rankings
Embedding videos will make your business’ webpage more likely rank on the first page of search engine results. Video retains attention far more effectively than text and each visitor will spend more time on your webpage as they watch the animation. Session duration (dwell time) factors into how highly your site ranks on search engines.

What Verz Design Will Do For You

We will manage the end-to-end delivery of video production for your business:

Assessing Your Requirements

• During the initial consultation, we will find out about your business, the target audience and
your vision for the video.


• A full script will be crafted based on the central story, including dialogue and editing cues.
Storyboards will then be created detailing how the animation will flow and how each visual element will be introduced to your video.


• This is where the magic happens! Our animators will bring your story to life in the chosen style of animation.
• We will also bring on experienced voiceover actors should the project call for it.


• Our editors will perfect your video through transitions and effects.
• We will also help get the completed video out to the audience by marketing it through the appropriate platforms.

Have a video idea you would like to bring to life? Or simply want an assessment of how video production can benefit your business?

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