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Corporate Social Responsibility


Verz Design is built upon the principles of being environmentally responsible in our business practices, with a passionate focus on a difference we can make in the world of Information Technology (IT).

From 1994 to 1996, our founder – Henry Ng – led the rebranding of Earthlink as President, to strengthen its vision of being an organisation focused on promoting awareness on environmental issues in the Nanyang Technological University.

He also received the prestigious Green Leaf Award in 1996, an achievement awarded to luminary individuals who have contributed in the betterment of our environment.

Led by his vision, sense of environmental awareness and responsibility to Verz Design, we adopt three principles that help to sustain the green initiative.

Recycle IT

  • In the rapidly advancing world of technology, many IT products become obsolete very quickly.
  • IT products are often big contributors to waste when they are replaced by newer models.
  • We recycle older IT products such as laptops that have been replaced.


  • Our employees carry digital business cards instead of traditional print business cards.
  • We deliver client’s invoices electronically, and employee payslips are accessed online.
  • We have moved away from print advertising to focus on digital advertising on Google, Facebook, and other digital platforms.

Pay IT Forward

  • Whenever the opportunity arises, we prefer to purchase our products from vendors who adhere to environmentally friendly practices.
  • One example is Vodien, who provides 100% reliable, fast, environmentally-friendly and enterprise-grade web hosting services to their clients.


We are the leading web development service in Singapore, and our clients remain our top priority. We invite you to participate in our green initiatives by being an ambassador:

  • We offer the complimentary option of displaying “SME Green Circle” on your site footer, so that you too can display your support for a clean and green environment.



The SME Green Circle is an exclusive club of SMEs that pledge to execute environmentally friendly practices in their businesses.

This list will allow you to take advantage of the following:

  • Complimentary copywriting and design for your CSR page.
  • Get listed in a database of SMEs who are known to have gone green, so your customers can make you their preferred choice of business!

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