Boost Productivity: Migrating Your Business Email to the Cloud

By: Julian Wong

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08 Aug 2023

Boost Productivity: Migrating Your Business Email to the Cloud - Verz Design

Email communication forms the backbone of modern business operations, enabling seamless collaboration, client interactions, and crucial information exchange. However, as businesses expand, they increasingly face limitations with traditional email hosting. Issues like limited storage space, vulnerability to data loss, and difficulties in scaling hinder productivity and growth. In this blog, we’ll explore how migrating business email to the cloud can be a modern and efficient solution to address these challenges and boost productivity through cloud email services.


  1. Problems with Traditional Email Hosting
  2. Benefits of Cloud Email Providers like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365
  3. Reasons Why You Should Migrate to the Cloud
  4. Cloud Hosting vs Traditional Email Hosting: A Comparative Analysis
  5. Email Services Are Your Most Valuable Business Asset

Problems with Traditional Email Hosting

Problems with Traditional Email Hosting

While there is nothing inherently ‘bad’ with traditional email hosting, businesses may face some problems while using them. Let us discover the limitations of standard email hosting in terms of storage and scalability, as well as the data security issues.

Limited Storage Space

Traditional email hosting often imposes strict storage limits, causing constant worries about reaching email quotas and having to delete essential messages. Attachments quickly eat into this storage space, and soon, businesses will have to weigh between two emails to decide which is worth keeping.

No Backup

In a traditional setup, emails stored on a local device are at risk of being lost forever if the device crashes or faces other hardware failures.

Difficulty Scaling as Business Grows

Traditional email systems may struggle to keep up with the growing demands of an expanding business, leading to potential communication bottlenecks.

Benefits of Cloud Email Providers like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365

Benefits of Cloud Email Providers like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365

Discover why your business should use cloud email services like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. The best cloud-based products available today facilitate collaboration, boost productivity, and provide secure data storage. You can enhance your email experience and simplify cooperation with these dependable technologies.

Ample Storage Space

Cloud email providers offer more than enough storage, ensuring businesses never have to worry about running out of email capacity.

Automatic Backup of All Emails

With cloud email, all emails are automatically backed up in secure servers, mitigating the risk of data loss due to hardware failures. Employees can go back in time to find an email from a year or two ago and still expect to find it there.

Easy Access from Any Device

Cloud-based emails can be accessed from anywhere with internet connectivity, providing enhanced mobility and remote work capabilities. These emails also come with their own app, allowing users to access them from their mobile devices.

Useful Tools

Cloud email services often come bundled with a suite of additional productivity tools, such as cloud storage and collaborative calendars, which prove vital to any organization.

Enhanced Mobility and Remote Work Capabilities

Cloud email enables employees to access emails and work-related resources from anywhere, on any device, promoting remote work efficiency.

Centralised Management and Administrative Control

Cloud email platforms offer centralized management and administrative control, simplifying user management and enhancing security measures.

Better Spam and Malware Protection

Cloud email providers typically employ advanced security measures, protecting businesses from spam, phishing attempts, and malware threats.

Reasons Why You Should Migrate to the Cloud

Reasons Why You Should Migrate to the Cloud

Businesses should not be apprehensive to migrate their emails to the cloud. Let us discover the benefits of migrating business email to the cloud and why it’s crucial to flourishing in the modern world.

Worthwhile Investment

Although cloud email services come with a price tag, the advantages they provide far surpass the expenses involved. Take, for instance, a Google Workspace account, which currently costs businesses $8 per employee per month. In the grand scheme of business expenditures, this amount is relatively minor. Considering the substantial value that cloud emails bring to a company when compared to other business costs, this investment becomes highly worthwhile.


The backup and reliability that cloud email services provide are well worth the cost in case of unforeseen circumstances. Having a reliable backup of all emails can be a lifesaver in critical situations, protecting essential business data, sales leads or customer information from loss or damage.

A Familiar Platform

Most people in Singapore have either a Gmail or Outlook account for personal use. When businesses migrate their emails to either Gmail or Outlook, employees will get to use a familiar platform, as opposed to open-source email platforms such as Thunderbird. Employees will be able to navigate through their mailboxes seamlessly, saving businesses time and resources on redundant software training.

Professional Image

Migrating to cloud email not only enhances business efficiency but also projects a professional image to both clients and partners. Think about it. Which email address would you be more likely to trust: [email protected], or [email protected]?

Cloud Hosting vs Traditional Email Hosting: A Comparative Analysis

Cloud hosting provides a level of scalability that cannot be provided by traditional email hosting. As needed, cloud hosting providers provide virtual space. The user just pays for the space that they actually use rather than prepaying for a certain quantity of space on a single server.

To help you compare traditional email hosting and cloud hosting, here is a table comparing the key differences between traditional and cloud-hosted emails.

Traditional Email Hosting vs Cloud Hosting: A Comparative Analysis Infographic

Email Services Are Your Most Valuable Business Asset

Email Services Are Your Most Valuable Business Asset

In the end, moving your company’s email to the cloud can significantly boost output and efficiency. By utilising the benefits of cloud hosting, such as increased storage capacity, enhanced security, and seamless scalability, your team can interact and collaborate with ease. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional email hosting and hello to the innovative solution that supports the growth of your business. Utilising cloud email services can open up new prospects for your business while also enhancing communication. Make the smart decision and employ cloud hosting to advance email communication.

At Verz Design, we understand the importance of a seamless email communication system for your business. As a leading digital agency, we can advise you on the best cloud email hosting solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our team of experts will guide you through the migration process, the type of web hosting you need and ensure a smooth transition, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – growing your business.

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