Make an Impression: 8 Logo Designs Trending Today

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Year-on-year the creative minds that dazzle the world with their logo designs evolve, as our technological capabilities advance in constructing new types of images of different qualities. The imaginative minds of those who design these logos are unfathomable, but it still is possible to pick out what seems to stand out in the past few years. 

The recent trends listed below might seem simple, but it does make a solid impact in the world inundated with countless images and text. If you want to stand out, these are the latest trends in logo designs you should take as reference.



The use of geometry in this type of logo is undeniably sharp, and pleasing to the eye. Lately, more complex logos have given way to simple logos, allowing even the layman to create their own logos based on a combination of simple shapes.


If your brand holds simplicity as one of its principles, this type of logo is by far the quickest, most convenient option without compromising on aesthetics.



The advent of Google Maps welcomed the location-pin as an iconic symbol of mapping. If your brand has a focus on location-based mapping, GPS, etc., this would be perfect. Of course, that is not to say that the location pin cannot be used for mere decorative purposes.


Even if your brand isn’t synonymous with Google Maps / Apple Maps in terms of function, the location pin has wiggled its way into the ubiquitous land of symbolic icons that convey more than just location. It is a modern way of saying that your customers have arrived at your company, and that is the intended destination.



A logo can be exceptionally unique if it can be made to represend itself entirely, and in the case of the first logo, it was done on point. The sketch of the facade of CHIJMES (a famous cathedral in Singapore) is innovative, fresh and definitely one of its kind. Our experience was that we first looked too closely at the logo to figure out what it was, but if you distance yourself enough from it, you can make out the facade of CHIJMES itself.

The sketch logo is versatile, flexible, and gives the whole logo a playful twist to a modern look.


If you have a shot at representing your brand as it really is, for example if you run a reforestation organisation, perhaps a sketch of a tree would be a great way to add uniqueness and creativity to your logo design.



One of the more recent developments in logo trends is the departure from symmetry, where random and disorganized shapes form the basis of creativity.

We like this type of logo, because it is is deceivingly simple, yet complex in the way that it is made up of a haphazard arrangement of sticks.


Give your brand a fresh spin by moving away from the standard and common symmetrical logos. It will add volumes of youth and originality to your authentic logo.



Along with the hipster movement that has swept across the world, those crosses are now a popular way to bring class to any logo. Even “hipster logo creators” available online for free use the crosses to instantly beautify a user’s custom-made logo.

No matter how much one wants to deny his or her affliation to mass consumerism, the authority has spoken: these crossess are the way to go.

Badges are also a good way to consolidate all the necessary information in a defined space, and give your brand an authentic identity with a sense of authority.


Use these crosses to no end, before they go out of style. Which will probably be another 50 years or so, we think. In the meantime, enjoy the sophistication and style offered by a combination of crosses (golf clubs and caddy bags, maybe?) and badges.



Who doesn’t love geometry? This type of logo adeptly utilises it to create an image, and — in the logo pictured in the center — with the use of negative space, no less!

The logo forms the facial features of a lion with the use of simple triangles, and a simple tilde at the top to add a bit of flair to the logo for this local university.


Bonus points for constructing an image with negative space, like the FI logo, or the more well-known World Wildlife Fund (WWF) panda logo. Want to look professional and creative at the same time? This is a subtle way of presenting both traits while looking classy and sophisticated.



There are many things that are very creative about this type logo, despite it being just the company’s name. For example, the cafe’s name is “Bridge” (center) and the text is arched in a way that might represent a typical bridge. More importantly, note the manipulation of the “R” and the “D” type. A simple adjustment to the lettering creates a unique brand identity.

Simple, but effective; that should be what most logos should set out to achieve.


Take your ingenuity to the limits, and play around with your text! Whoever said just the company’s name on a logo is boring should think again, because this is the new age of logos, where even the most common and normal aspects can be tweaked to become something authentic and original.



If you have the skills to draw something fun and playful, why not put them to good use to design your brand’s logo?

Although it might take a little bit of effort it might take a little bit of effort in thinking up a specific graphic, and then designing it, we think it is worthwhile as you can make it both colourful and entertaining at the same time.


Is your brand synonymous with fun? If the answer is yes, a vector drawing could well be the way to your new logo design!

Of course, the list above is not exhaustive, and there are many logos that could punctuate the timeline of latest logo trends. But these are few designs that would very well work with today’s interpretation of good design, and will certainly pave the way to your brand being recognized across all corners of the market.

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