Digital Marketing Agency Value: How Jason’s Pet Relocation Thrived Amidst The Pandemic?

By: Rafa Ticzon

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25 Jun 2021

Importance of Digital Marketing Agency: How Jason’s Pet Relocation thrived amidst the pandemic?

Businesses have always been striving to be at the forefront of digital transformation. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the pace for many. The number of business owners exploring new ways to advertise and market their products or services online continues to increase. At Verz Design, we will explore how businesses adapt to the new normal and continue to stay relevant. In this article, we delve deeper into how a homegrown pet relocation company in Singapore utilises effective Digital Marketing (DM) strategies. Through a digital marketing agency, they were able to cope with restrictions put in place due to the pandemic.

Digital Marketing in the New Normal 

Jason’s Pet Relocation (JPR) is a pet relocation company that provides pet travel or transportation services across the world. While there were a lot of changes due to the strict implementation of COVID-19 guidelines, they actually came out prepared. This is through implementing digital solutions well before the pandemic. 

As an early adopter of DM strategies, JPR did not have to make considerable changes regarding their marketing strategies. With the help of professional SEO specialists, they were able to rise above their competition. In turn, securing the top spot on the Google search results page organically.
Keep reading to find out how they were able to achieve this.

1. Displaying Internal and External Links Throughout Their Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial factor when it comes to Digital Marketing. Availing SEO services from a digital marketing agency helped JPR in implementing SEO into their marketing plan. This aided in redirecting viewers to related content within the site and garnered immediate traffic and impressions.

Including internal and external links is an effective way to help search engines deem your content relevant and legitimate. This helps boost your business’s rank on search engine results pages and appear as the first reliable solution. In addition, the more you keep your visitors invested in your content and services, the more likely they will convert into paying customers. 

Being able to optimize your content for SEO has always been important. However, during circuit breaker and phase two heightened alert it’s become essential. People have more time to spend online now that almost everyone was instructed to work from home. With that, catching people’s attention immediately is key.

Ranking high on Google and other search engines is a great way to attract new users, with even more people looking for solutions online.

2. Integrating Social Media Platforms

Creating a business website is step one. Using effective digital marketing strategies to bring users to your website and explore your services is step two. One way to do so is by setting up social media accounts. 

Jason’s Pet Relocation realized this, as they set up their profiles simultaneously with their company website. They observed that the majority of their followers share their pets on social media. With that, they capitalized on this as a way to offer their services to more people. 

Creating a DM strategy that included Social Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram helped them market to more people. All while building a stronger online presence. 

Social media has become more essential, with the count of its users increasing by the day, most especially during COVID-19. 

Having an effective website set up is essential for your business, but it is ideal to invest in other platforms as well. Social media is a faster and more intimate form of communication with your audience. Not only in terms of reach but also with actually communicating with them. For instance, if there is a customer who would like to enquire about your services, you are literally just a message away. 

Messages help speed up the process and at the same time give a more casual and tangible essence to your customers. In addition, having an online presence builds your customers’ trust, making your business feel more credible.

3. Regularly Publishing Content on Social Media 

Setting up your social media accounts is one thing, but being active and maintaining a certain amount of followers is another. As mentioned in the previous point, social media allows your business to reach more people. However, it is important to publish content regularly to remind your followers that you exist and that your services are readily available when they need them. Setting up a proper social media calendar could help with this.

It is also an opportunity to continuously reassure your audience that you are reliable. Moreso, constantly working to improve your business. Jason’s Pet Relocation already had a healthy following prior to the pandemic with their numbers growing substantially since they started. This was again achieved with the help of a digital marketing agency. 

While it’s possible their following grew due to an increased demand, being active helped boost their profile to new customers. When their target audience became more active on social media, they became more active as well. They used the surge in need of their services as an opportunity to book more clients.

They increased the content they put out and, as a result, gained more customers. Expats and their pets either needed to move back to their countries due to the pandemic, or Singaporeans returned home with their pets.

This proved to be a great strategy in reaching more people as more users grow dependent on social media daily. It also, again, helped build their business’s credibility for search engines. Lastly, being active on social media helps bump up your content, as things could easily be drowned out.

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Being adept in the world of Digital Marketing is essential now more than ever. As much as onsite promotions can be more dynamic, gone are the days where this is the norm. 

Here at Verz Design, leading digital marketing agency in Singapore we value the importance of elevating your business and contributing to its growth and success. We understand the need for a strong online presence to stay relevant among the rest, and that is why we aim to equip your business with the necessary tools.

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