How to Measure Success and Effectiveness of a Website?

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Most businesses invest a great deal of time and money into the creation and maintenance of their websites. They do this in the hopes of attracting more customers and sales to their business.  But how do they know how effective their website really is?  In order to know if things need to be changed or adjusted it is important to be able to determine how successful a website is and what is working and what is not.  There are many factors that can help a business judge how well their website is performing and it is important that they spend some time analyzing these factors.

Many look to the number of page views when judging a website’s effectiveness and whereas this can be a good indication of how many are visiting the website, it says little about how many are actually finding something of interest.  For a website to be successful it must generate interest.  One way to track interest in your website is by how many leads the website brings in.  Most websites have some manner in which they get customers or potential customers to sign up for more information.  Checking to see how many new sign ups a website is getting is a good indication of how well the website is performing.  Obviously the more leads that are being generated, the better the site is doing.

Another measure of how effective a website is to check how long a person is on the website.  Visitors who merely skim a website or page do not stay very long. People who are truly interested will spend some time on the website.  It is important to have visitors who do not just skim, but actually read the pages and websites. If they are not, then the information may need to be changed. It is also important to know how many page views per visit are being made. If a website with multiple pages is not getting more than one page view per visit on a regular basis, then something may need to be adjusted in the design of the website or the way the information is being presented.

There are many ways to analyze how your website is doing.  Google Analytics can provide the data about your website and webpages and the visitors that stop there. It is up to you to analyze the data provided and see where things are working well and where there is room for improvement.  Once you have this information then changes can be implemented as needed to make your website a successful one.

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