How to implement keywords for Search Engine Optimization?

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Optimizing a website is founded heavily on the use of keywords, but finding them is just the beginning of the process. Then you have to know how to implement them so they bring forth the most traffic for you. Proper placement and volume of keywords will make a big difference in the way that search engines pick up on your website and how people click on the links in your marketing material. You must learn what to do with your words if you are ever going to get other people onto your site.

One concept that you need to learn to do this is keyword density. A page’s keyword density is the percentage of the content that is taken up by a specific keyword. For example, if a 400 word article contains “keyword” in it 4 times, it has a 1% keyword density for that word. There are more complicated formulas for keyword density out there once you start getting into multi-word phrases, but therein lies the basic idea of the concept.

There are different Search Engine Optimization theories about how high or low your keyword densities should be for your marketing materials and site content. Most people will go with a standard 1% or 2% density for the things they create, but you could go much higher if need be. The problem with 4% densities and beyond is that the article begins to look cluttered with a high density after awhile. They become hard to read and inevitably may turn some readers away altogether. A higher density does not always yield better search engine results, so you need to find a balance for your word usage.

For every web page you have on your site, you need to think about the keywords you use and the densities you provide for each one. You also need to think about where the words are going on the page. A good rule of thumb most people employ is the need for a keyword to be in the first sentence and last sentence of whatever you are trying to work with. For longer content, a few other uses of the keyword should be spread throughout the middle. Try to reiterate the word throughout the document subtly so that you may ultimately have each part of the page register with search engines.

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