Four Tips to Get Attention Grabbing Copywriting for Your Website

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Attention grabbing copywriting will increase traffic to your website and make visitors more likely to recommend it to other people. So much information is available on the internet that it can be difficult for readers to sift through it all and get to what they need. Small and medium sized businesses need to be competitive in order to stay afloat, and exceptional copywriting on their websites can help keep business strong. Websites only have a couple of paragraphs at most to get readers’ attention, but how do they go about getting this attention grabbing copywriting? By doing the following:

•    Using ALL CAPS to get readers’ attention
•    Organizing information into short paragraphs
•    Using bulleted lists
•    Simplifying complex issues by using graphics

The key to effective copywriting is to use simple attention getting techniques. Writing in all capital letters for one or two sentences will draw the readers’ eyes and get their attention immediately. Readers will also be more likely to remember what they read when it is written in all caps. Attention grabbing copywriting should never be abrasive though, and writers should be careful when writing in all caps. Sometimes it can be read as yelling, and readers do not like to feel like they are being beaten over the head. When used correctly, however, it is undeniable that writing in all caps can be effective.

Paragraphs should be kept short in attention grabbing copywriting. Information is easier for readers to absorb when it is broken up into smaller chunks. This also keeps all the information from looking so overwhelming to readers. The amount of white space is important in any kind of writing, and bulleted lists can help attain an appealing balance of white space and text. Bulleted lists are helpful when listing things such as the advantages of using the site in question. These lists also catch the reader’s attention and can give them a basic idea of what the website wants to convey.

Sometimes explaining complex issues or concepts can be tricky. It is times like this when a picture or some other kind of image, such as a graph, can be useful. The use of visual aids can make for attention grabbing copywriting because it will increase the reader’s understanding of the topic at hand. Strategically placed graphics will also catch the reader’s eye and can entice them to continue reading in order to find out what the image means. An extremely important point to keep in mind about artwork is to position it so that any people in the pictures are looking toward the writing rather than away from it. This directs the reader’s attention to the writing as well.

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