Four Important Features to Have in Ecommerce with High Conversion Rate

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The ultimate goal of any eCommerce site is to make sales. Selling more items to repeat website viewers will increase the site’s conversion rate, and happy customers will most likely relate their good experience to their friends. Extra traffic will mean more chances to raise the conversion rate even more. Four things are particularly vital to eCommerce:

•    The actual product
•    Proper grammar and punctuation
•    Testimonials from happy customers
•    Complete product descriptions

The most important thing to consider when wanting conversion rates to rise is the product itself. Are you selling what people want to buy? Relevant products or services will undoubtedly increase purchases among website viewers. For example, everyone needs a toothbrush, but automated ones can be expensive. If you sell your automated toothbrushes at competitive prices, people will be more likely to purchase them.

An equally important feature of eCommerce sites is the use of proper grammar and punctuation. It may seem trivial, but using good grammar will make the site look more professional and therefore more reputable. Potential customers feel more confident about ordering from a site that is not filled with typos or improperly constructed sentences. Correct spelling is also crucial. Making sure that there are no errors shows your customers that you really care about your online store and the items you sell. A good image is vital in encouraging your visitors to get the products they need from your business.

Testimonials from previous customers are a great feature for any eCommerce site, particularly if they are in video form. Many potential buyers may be convinced to go ahead and order if they see that a real person has bought the same product from you and is happy with it. Written testimonials or product reviews can also be helpful in helping customers decide to purchase a certain item, but negative reviews may make them feel apprehensive. For that reason, positive, honest video testimonials may be a better option to have on the product page. The use of personal testimonials from former patrons also shows the world that you are interested in providing excellent customer service.

Complete product descriptions are central to encouraging lookers to become customers. Does the description include all the information the consumer needs to know about the product? Is there a way the potential shopper can learn more about the product without having to leave your website to search elsewhere? Making sure each item you have for sale has an exhaustive description is in the best interest of increasing your website’s conversion rate. Visitors to eCommerce sites are more likely to buy when they believe they are making a more informed purchase.

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