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06 Sep 2016

Irene Ortiz-Harina, Senior HR Officer, is a personable lady who always believes in looking out for the well-being of her colleagues. Recently awarded the honour of being Verz’s Employee of the Year in 2015, we speak to her about her work, her fear of worms, and the importance of family.

Irene Sept 6

Hey Irene! Thanks for taking the time off to do this interview. So how long have you worked for Verz Design, and what are your responsibilities?

I’ve worked here for a total of three and a half years, starting out as a HR Executive, taking on the role of looking after the workplace’s communication and safety, as well as promoting discipline and harmony amongst my fellow colleagues.

When you first joined us, what was your first impression of Verz Design?

I first thought that it was a dynamic organisation that allows everyone to develop as well-rounded individuals, and gives everyone the opportunity to grow together as a team. As it turns out, I was spot on with that impression!

What satisfies you in your role?

When employees appreciate the efforts in improving the company’s policies – that’s when I know I have done my job well.

Let’s move on to some personal questions. What would people be surprised to know about you?

My greatest fear is not death, but earthworms!

What is a daily mantra or personal philosophy that you live by?

I make sure every moment I spend with my family is as fulfilling and worthwhile as my time spent at work.

Family seems to be very important to you. Would you consider Verz to be your “work family”?

Yes, because I am entrusted to do my tasks and I’m allowed to make mistakes and learn from them.

Give us 3 words to describe Verz Design.

Family, Friendship and Learning.

How do you define success and how do you measure up to your own definition?

Success is achieving peace of mind; a direct result of feeling satisfied in knowing you did your best to reach your full potential. It is a matter of finding satisfaction, rather than preoccupying yourself with regret.

 Verz Sept 6

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